Cairo – the largest and most populous city in Africa, the state capital of Egypt. In the metropolitan area of ??Cairo home to a third of the total population and population density – one of the highest in the world. This is truly a great city collected the best achievements of Egyptian civilization in all six thousand years of its existence, that’s why it is called the “Gateway to the East”. Today, Cairo – the largest metropolis, the point of contact between cultures and economies in Europe, Asia and Africa.
City of a Thousand Minarets

Cairo – the capital of Egypt, the largest city in Africa, one of the most important religious centers of the Islamic world. This is one of the most populous cities in the world, in the metropolitan area of ??Cairo is home to over 17 million people, accounting for almost a third of the population of Egypt. The city with a long history of difficult literally overflowing contrasts – busy streets and modern skyscrapers here side by side with ancient mosques and mausoleums, and neon signs illuminate the bustling bazaars.
Hard to believe that a great modern metropolis once originated from a small military camp, broken commander Amr ibn al-Ace. The town’s name comes from the Arabic al-Qahira, which means “victorious.” Due to the extremely fortunate position in the Nile Delta Cairo gradually evolved from a small settlement into a rich and influential city in the heart of the Arab world. Trade spices, spices, ceramics and precious metals brought unprecedented profits, and it is going to benefit the city. Cairo blossomed magnificent palaces and mosques, the beauty and splendor are composed legends, and eventually became the largest city west of China. Today it is a major political, economic and cultural center of Egypt and Africa as a whole.

The Mosque of Sultan Hassan
Cairo is located in the north of Egypt, just south of the Nile Delta. Conventionally, Cairo can be divided into the old and modern pieces. Old Town is located on the east bank of the Nile – a traditional Islamic part of the city. Here you will find almost no new buildings – a district of ancient mosques, narrow streets and crowded apartment buildings. The modern part of the capital of Egypt is no different from most of the world’s megacities – here are the latest architectural buildings, government buildings and business centers.
Like thousands of years ago, today a huge impact on the life of the city has a religion. Cairo is no accident called the city “thousand minarets” – the number of local mosques is staggering, visit them all ordinary tourist practically impossible. Egypt’s capital is the most important religious center of the Arab world, here at Al-Azhar Mosque is the world center for the study and interpretation of Islam. At the same time, Cairo is gradually becoming a link between the Islamic world and the Western “consumer society”, so deeply religious population here often have to coexist with modern business structures.
Main Attractions of Cairo

For centuries, millions of travelers admired the beauty of Cairo, his unique way of ancient, majestic city. And indeed, there is something to see – alone mosques and churches, each of which is a magnificent example of Islamic architecture, there are about 500. The most famous of them Al-Azhar mosque, while a university, a mosque of Sultan Hassan Mosque of Mohammed Ali.
You should definitely visit the famous Egyptian Museum – it contains the most extensive collection in the world of art and everyday life of ancient Egypt. The museum is located in the modern city center, in Tahrir Square. Among the 120 thousand exhibits the most popular are the mummies and sarcophagi of Egyptian pharaohs, objects from the tombs of the great rulers of Egypt, such as the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.
One of the main attractions of the modern part of Cairo is Cairo Tower – television tower height of 187 meters, on top of which is an observation deck and revolving restaurant. Waiters this institution, by the way, work in costumes of the pharaohs.
Undoubtedly, the most visited attraction of the capital of Egypt, if not the world – is the famous pyramids of Giza. The ancient pyramids of Egyptian pharaohs, and for which many come to the country, located in a suburb of Giza not far from Cairo. Here, incidentally, is home to the famous Great Sphinx.

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