Buffalo – this is a very large, massive bull with huge horns. These bulls are of two types: Indian and African buffalo. Indian, or water buffalo, domesticated. They are bred in India, the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans and the Caucasus. Domestic water buffalo – the descendants of wild Asian buffalo. In the wild, these animals are still preserved in some places. But their numbers from year to year is reduced.
Water buffalo – enviable hunting prey not only for meat, but also because of the almost two-meter horns. Horns are considered very prestigious trophy in any hunter. The height of the water buffalo at the withers is almost two meters. Even domesticated buffalo can be dangerous, and what can we say about the wild bull! Those who have read the tale Kipling “Mowgli”, must remember that to overcome the formidable Tiger Sherkhan helped Mowgli is buffaloes. I must say that the writer is not invented. Buffaloes often rebuff tigers. There were times when adult bulls trampled formidable predator, like a kitten.
African buffalo did not domesticated. Once upon a time there were a lot, but in the XIX century, they have become a victim of the plague, which was brought to Africa with domestic cattle. Huge herds greatly thinned, and in some places has disappeared altogether. Only on the east coast of Africa, they still retain a sufficiently large number. Like their Asian relatives, the African buffalo is rarely falls prey to predators. This bull afraid the only people with guns. However, according to some reports, and fans of the big game, too, is bad enough. Buffaloes are able to fend for themselves and killed more hunters than any other animal.
Live African buffalo herds that have between ten to many hundreds of heads, depending on the availability of food. Typical steps that usually leads old female spends the early morning at the watering and grazing in the evenings. In the heat of the day buffaloes usually hide in the woods, or luxuriate in the mud baths, cooling and soothing the skin, which is mercilessly bite different insects and mites. Buffalos live in peace with each other, except for the breeding season, when the bulls fighting over cattle. As a rule, to serious battles are not an issue, and one of the contenders retreats before the first blood was shed.

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