Budapest – the capital and largest city of Hungary. The population of Budapest is 1.7 million people, the number of inhabitants is the ninth city in the European Union. The city is located on both sides of the deep river Danube and is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Description Budapest

Budapest emerged on the world map long ago – his appearance was the result of a merger of three large cities (Buda, ?buda and Pest), in 1873. So on the banks of the Danube there was a real jewel – the capital, which knows no equal in the Eastern Europe, the beauty and richness of architecture. However, to this day the different parts of the city are striking in their otherness – wander the hillsides streets of old Buda, in stark contrast to the modern boulevards of Pest, dressed in luxury shops and shopping malls.
Unique appearance Budapest owes scenic area in which it is located. Wide Danube, which is spanned by some amazing beautiful bridges, divides the city into two large historical pieces. On the one hand – the hilly Buda, easily recognizable by textured medieval buildings, led by the Royal Palace and the white towers of Fisherman’s Bastion. From the windows of the Royal Palace offers a striking view of the Danube and other parts of the city – the modern Pest, today became the center of cultural, economic and political life of the capital of Hungary.

The waters of the Danube River within the boundaries of Budapest, washes the shores of the seven islands, of which the most famous Margaret Island – like a green oasis in the midst of the silver waters of the Danube, he attracts tourists and lovers of leisurely walks in the shade of the trees. The island is a large botanical garden and the ruins of the Dominican convent.
But facing Margaret Island, on the west bank of the river, it is the oldest part of the city – Obuda. The past here is reminiscent of everything – the streets, the buildings, the ruins of ancient Roman temples and amphitheatres.
Incidentally, Budapest is the only capital in Europe, which granted the status of the resort – thanks to the numerous hot springs town found a great place for rest and recuperation.
Public transport in Budapest

Budapest has a relatively developed system of public transportation provided by buses, subway, trolley buses, trams and taxis. The most popular mode of transport in the city, perhaps, are the trams – Budapest tram lines are considered to be the busiest in the world. Incidentally, in the capital of Hungary ride the longest trams in the world.
Tip: If you want to quickly explore the main attractions of the city and get an unusual experience, take a ride on the tram №2 – his route very successfully runs along the Danube embankment, allowing a kind of “side” to evaluate the awesome appearance Budapest.

Subway in Budapest consists of 3 branches and has 40 stations. The three metro lines intersect at the station “Deak Ferenc ter.” If you use the metro should be careful – at most stations platforms for different directions of traffic are separated and move between them without going to the surface impossible. Interestingly, the Budapest Metro is the oldest on the European continent – the first branch of the subway under Andrassy Avenue was built in 1896.
The bus network of the Hungarian capital has more than 140 routes, operating around the clock – special night flights in the schedule are designated by the letter “E”.
Hungarian Parliament Building
Hungarian Parliament Building
Climate Budapest

The climate of the Hungarian capital can be described as rather soft, its official definition – moderately continental. The city on the Danube are rare extreme temperatures, winter is short and not too cold, but often biting wind can bring many troubles. Summer, on the contrary, hot and long.

Interesting facts about Budapest

In the capital of Hungary “wheel” the world’s longest tram – their length is 54 meters
Budapest Metro is the longest in continental Europe
Budapest – the only European capital city, at the same time is considered a resort
In Budapest, a man was born who gave the world the well-known puzzle in the form of a cube – Erno Rubik
The city is the largest synagogue in Europe, with ample room for 3,000 people

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