Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee
Birthday: 27/11/1940 Year
Place of Birth: San Francisco, United States
Date of Death: 07/20/1973 Year
Place of death: Hong Kong, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 171 cm
64 kg

Bruce Lee lay reclining on cushions and desperate woman owed to bother him, beat down his cheeks, rubbing whiskey smelling salts. He’s just asleep, but wake him she could not. Ran into the room physician immediately realized that Kung Fu master is no longer in this world. Called his wife: she gasped, clutching her heart – her husband often told Linda that he is cursed …
Deep down, she waited a long time trouble. And Bruce slept, slowly floating away from whence there is no return, and before his eyes, as it is written on a long silk cloth Chinese painting, scrolled ending life.
… Over a hundred years ago the English king wins the Kowloon Peninsula in the lord of the Celestial Empire. That war was called “Opium”; She was short, brutal and utterly hopeless for crossbows armed with axes and Chinese. There was a city on the peninsula of Hong Kong – European mansions built-up snow-white center and through smelling of stale fish and spicy local cuisine Native outskirts. In 1942, Hong Kong took the Japanese and had a grand massacre, then returned to the British colony; after China won Mao, refugees poured into the city … It was 1949, and the boy Li Zhang Fang, son of actor Chinese opera Lee Hoi Chan and polukitayanki-polunemki Grace Lee, celebrated his ninth birthday.
Strictly speaking, he was not quite Li Zhang Fang (in Chinese – “Go back”: the child was born in San Francisco, and her mother wanted her son returned to America). When the boy grew up, he was given the name of Ian Lee Kam (“never sat on the spot”); After filming the first name appeared Lee Sui Loong (“little dragon”). A birth certificate issued in the Chinese Hospital in San Francisco, stood the name of Bruce Lee.
In fact, he actually was a boy, believed not all. The evil spirits knew exactly what Grace had a baby girl: mother and father spent a lot of effort to ensure that confuse them and even gave the child girlish nickname Baby Phoenix. Their first son died, and they decided that something angered the gods; China believes that the second child in the family must be a girl, and Grace Lee adopted a poor man’s daughter. Then they had a son Peter, then Grace became pregnant again and could not find a place for himself with worry: According to Chinese beliefs, the second son is also in danger. Bruce newborn pierced ears and called him a girl’s name – it seemed that evil spirits managed to deceive.
The boy grew up and was left all over the quarter: the second such Skoda in Hong Kong was not. He was running around the city, was friends with anyone, carrying apples from the stalls of street vendors and did not listen to their parents – a great sin to revere old age Chinese.
However, Bruce’s father also did not differ family virtues. He was a good actor and a great small, his friends and loved women, and he in them doted – Lee Hoi-chuen spend money on anything, not only on the children. By Hong Kong standards, Lee was a wealthy man (he owned several apartments, which he rented out), but the way the family lived, would have horrified Chicago unemployed. A large table at which spruce, playing and reading; the only room where slept Lee, Grace, and their children, grandparents, a few servants and a huge German shepherd; ceiling fan, sadly chasing hot air … Water is fed into the house once a week for a few hours, and gained all the bowls. The family I take a shower on feline fashion, spreading water on the face, snorting and splashing – what a bath in the house did not know, and forty-degree heat in Hong Kong was in the order of things … But all who lived under this roof, were piously convinced that such a comfort only in the governor’s palace: most Chinese people huddled in cramped, miserable shacks.
Children growing up, and they had to learn – Bruce and his brothers was sent to the Jesuit college. Jesuits for several centuries in China engaged in missionary work and know about aborigines more than anyone else, but to cope with Bruce Lee failed to even them.
Small, thin, smart, he could not sit still, did not want to wrestle with arithmetic and English grammar and had great fun, but when he succeeded in a bloody someone’s nose. Former supervising instructor Bruce, brother of Henry, remembering his many years later, claimed that he was an unusual child – a living, sensitive, intelligent. With him it was necessary to apply very soft all the time to occupy his imagination-then he behaved like a good girl … Apparently, it rarely succeeded his brother Henry a few years, and Bruce Lee was expelled from the Jesuit school.
It was a big craving for self-assertion, street showdown elevates him in his own eyes. He was a frail, Dodge and absolutely fearless: the reason for the fight could serve even that is not a counter-boy looked at him, do not sigh, do not spit there is not enough respectfully apologized. On the height and weight of their enemies Bruce paid attention, and they thrashed it twice a day.
Lee Hoi-chuen, of course, was not a model father, but the bruises on her son’s face and forever torn clothes on his nerves. Attributable Grace washed the abrasions and mending torn shirt, and Lee each evening reading Bruce notation: in the end he got tired of it immensely. Money to children Lee Hoi-chuen not give the principle, but when Bruce asked to pay him kung fu lessons, he suddenly agreed to himself – though he had a faint hope that this mess ever end.
Bruce Lee chose the hard and aggressive Vinh-chun – according to legend, the creator of the style was a nun who lived in the XV century. (She invented it when watching the battle snakes with a crane.) Nun taught him Woman Hume Vinh Chung, she – her future husband, he also had the disciples … So it came to Yip Mena, a former police inspector in Namkhai, fled to Hong Kong from the troops of Mao Zedong. In Hong Kong, Yip Man opened his school and earned his living by doing such as Bruce Lee, street loafers, real fighters.
Running five kilometers and hundreds of pushups, endless strikes on sandbags, acrobatics, fighting in full contact, when the fist enemy that there are forces falls on your no protected edges … Training School Yip Mena chained his body in an impenetrable armor muscle , taught almost perfect fighting techniques. Bruce tried it on their classmates, and the results were more than satisfactory.
Soon, his parents sent him to another school – it turned out that training with Yip went Mohn child benefit. Standouts of course he did not, but greatly diminished pester the Jesuit fathers wanton mischief. On leprosy in the young Lee had no more strength: after school Vinh Chun was sick every bone – easy come only in the fifth year.
But now Bruce Lee calmed down. He became the king of the school – on the street it is always accompanied by a retinue of respectful. Having dealt with classmates, Bruce took the English boys, they fought constantly with young Chinese and usually thrashed them hurl. The British were much larger, to the same at their schools were taught to box, but knee strike to the chin, forehead, nose and elbow in your ear were devastating surprise for them. One by one the masters of the seas went into a deep knockdown, and every black eye and bloody nose grew authority Bruce Lee: Hong Kong is well remembered about the “Opium War”, looting of Beijing and the words “Dogs and Chinese Trespassing”, recently disappeared from the central part of the city.
Life smiled Bruce Lee, and the age of eighteen, he felt almost happy. When he was very young, his father taught him to dance, and now he won the championship of Hong Kong cha-cha-cha, played several roles in action movies for children. On the street with him, no one argued. In his spare time training and fights Bruce took dance lessons. Now he looked like a dandy – carefully slicked hair and nabriolinennymi, immaculately ironed black suit (he ironed it himself, not trusting mother), narrow cravat with a smooth node. Whether apprentice missionary school, or a dancer from Variety – the perfect target for wanting to have fun street hooligan.
On the streets of Hong Kong with a mama’s boy treated unkind. On varnished shoes was nice piece of cake, tie – pull. But after that squirt received sau-up – a favorite of Bruce Lee kick when attacking the throat collapses tempered hours of training edge of his hand. One day, he regaled them three members of the Hong Kong “Triad”, two of whom were hospitalized.
The oldest of the Asian criminal groups, “Triad” existed for hundreds of years: emerged as struggling with the Manchu conquerors secret society, over time it has shifted to drug trafficking. Those who entered into it, linked mutual responsibility: society demanded from his men absolute fidelity, and instead provided them with protection. If the people of the “Triad” began to beat on the streets with impunity, the power and prestige of the clan would not be worth a penny. Now Bruce Lee had to die – quickly and painfully as possible. It was born in San Francisco, saved by the fact that he was considered a US citizen – his mother one evening packed up, bought a ticket on a ship and sent to America to Bruce familiar. The fact that she sends her son toward wealth and fame, scared to death of Grace Lee had no idea.
Seventy years ago, the United States brought the first batch of Chinese. America is rapidly covered with a network of railways, for their construction was needed cheap labor – the poor, hardworking and unanswered Asians suited for this as well as possible. The best argument in a dialogue with them was considered a right hook: the poor peasants of the deaf Chinese villages, never had studied martial arts, the demolition of such treatment of the Confucian patience. As time went on, manners softened, but remained the lot of American Chinese laundries and cheap restaurants – one of them and got Bruce Lee.
Ruby Chow, an old friend of Grace, Bruce took the waiter and regretted it three times a day. Ruby was very dignified lady in Chinatown respected her, and she wanted to subordinate treated her sons with reverence, what Bruce Lee was not able to decisively: more ambitious and irascible Chinese she did not know. National virtues considered humility, diligence, respect for elders, the ability to endure decades of failure and waiting in the wings. Napoleon would not have a Chinese hero, Bruce Lee felt before Bonaparte Toulon: carry Peking duck and washing dishes was beneath his dignity. But Mrs. Chow and reeducate these arrogant men.
Bruce was nowhere to go, he worked day and night, hardly vykraivaya time for training, warming up in the backyard of the restaurant and ran headlong into the kitchen on the first call Ruby. He racked his ambition, he studied to get along with people, and all free time devoted to kung fu – it was his only consolation. Alone in a foreign country with a funny accent Hong Kong (“p” as he spoke “in”), Bruce first felt need to communicate with other people. Gradually emerged shortstop, little by little, he began to teach them fight, and then someone new friends invited Bruce to the feast of Oriental culture in one of Seattle schools. There he had to demonstrate his martial arts.
This speech in the school still tell legends. Small, fragile-looking Chinese man in thick horn-rimmed glasses (in America Bruce deteriorated eyesight) served tao – like a slow dance oriental complex movements of kung fu. Students began to giggle, but Bruce called the arena Man tighter and a second sitting on top of him. Then he beckoned to stokilogrammovye Jim Demilya, local legend, a veteran of street fights, to cope alone with the whole gang of hooligans – Jim usually broken arm or leg to the highest guy in the company, and the rest fled immediately. But such a life of Jim still was not – neither his shot did not reach the goal, the opponent was invulnerable. Everything that happens to him it seemed like a bad dream – and then the Chinese do not hurt, but loudly snapped Jim forehead with his knuckles. The bout ended – and the Pauper waiter turned into a famous kung fu teacher in Seattle.
He has worked in a restaurant Ruby, but he already had his own band at the Seattle University. Then Bruce appeared fans, then one of them turned to his manager – lessons cost more expensive, was among those engaged in more respectable people … Little by little, Bruce Lee became a wealthy man.
Now he was much softer. Besides Bruce engaged in their education, read a lot and taught at the local school Chinese philosophy. By this time, and his affair with a seventeen year old blonde Linda Emery.
She attended school Garfildskoy where Bruce occasionally lectured. Pretty Chinese made at the young Swede lasting impression. Linda became involved in his group, and Bruce once invited her to an expensive restaurant: bright scarlet silk shirt, black satin tie, black suit lined with red – do not fall in love with this gentleman was impossible. Bruce met with the girls since I came to America – it is not surprising that he saw in it perfect. Human destinies are written in heaven, after two or three months they could leave, but instead began to think about marriage. They were very well together, and that the parents of Linda were horrified at the news of the groom-Chinese, only added spice to their relationship.
Emery was nice, sympathetic and respectable family. Father said that this is nonsense, my mother burst into tears, and then they invited Mr. Lee to dinner and came from him in horror. He was too similar to the Asian, too smartly dressed and still going to make a living learned some Chinese struggle … If Romeo could openly take care of Juliet, the tragedy in Verona, perhaps, would not have happened. Obstacles only provoke Linda and Bruce. They married, moved in one house – and here the case of Bruce Lee went really well.
Until now, he has worked at the Seattle University, and now took his own little room, where he was soon frequented by Hollywood stars – Kung Fu began to come into fashion. Plump middle-aged writers and producers Bruce forced to run seven miles, wrung up a sweat doing somersaults. They were proud of themselves and tell their friends about the extraordinary little the Chinese – the name Bruce Lee became famous in Hollywood. He was lucky: while America has swept the fashion for the entire east – Chinese painting, Japanese tea ceremony and Zen philosophy. Now the turn of Kung Fu: the personification of the mysterious and terrible “Chinese boxing” was Bruce Lee.
Soon he became a movie star. It happened in the general accident: TV producer William Doze looking for an actor for a role in the new series, next was a man who studied Bruce – and the role went to him. Then he was given a new role, and then walked for an American actor. Bruce worried – he thought that film career does not add up, but when he came to Hong Kong compatriots were ready to carry it on your hands. It turned out that the house he enjoys wide popularity – in the hometown of Li Zhang Fan back in the halo of the American movie star, while the warrior, who beat the “white devils”. Bruce began to negotiate with local studios – he asked them to $ 10,000 a month, they offered him $ 75 a week. It was the local movie star fare – ordinary Hong Kong film actors got 10 bucks a week, lived in the dorms for ten people in one room and dreamed of Hollywood. Home he had nothing to do – the fate of Bruce Lee is forever linked with America.
Someone spoiled it, and he paid for all that he had received: success got him dearly. Bruce had to fight with the man who taught kung fu in Chinatown San Francisco – that was an ancient custom, disputes between Shifu – martial arts instructor, solved blood. After losing, Lee had to stop their lessons, or at least cease to teach Europeans – but he sent the opponent to the canvas in the first minute of the fight, and the more his championship unchallenged. Then he tore off his back – in the morning I make a hundred slopes with shestidesyatikilogrammovuyu cargo and earned a pinched nerve. He spent six months in bed, suffering bouts of melancholy: Bruce used to feel earner and the mainstay of the family, the idea that he would never come to the ring, was unbearable. He managed to put himself to his feet, but his character from this better not.
And then offers from producers fell one after the other: movies with Lee enjoyed increasing success. In 1966, Bruce moved to Los Angeles and began to appear in the new TV series “The Green Hornet”. Arriving in Hong Kong, Lee found that the series enjoys wide popularity, and he became a superstar. His penultimate tape, “Big Boss”, gathered in Hong Kong $ 3.4 million. Three weeks of hire.

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