Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields
Birthday: 31/05/1965 Year
Place of Birth: New York, New York, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 69 kg

Sex symbol of the eighties
Childhood and adolescence model and actress Brooke Shields were marked notoriety. Her early introduction to the modeling business, provocative photography as a child, erotic films, which caused a storm of criticism and at the same time delighted the audience, novels with celebrities and failed marriage with the king of tennis Andre Agassi were constantly in the media spotlight. Now Brooke Shields continues career as an actress and TV presenter, has been her husband and children and claims that finally found happiness and peace of mind.
Full name of the actress – Brooke Christa Shields; ten years after the rite of confirmation, she took himself another name – Camille. Brooke’s father, Frank Shields, came from an aristocratic family, and among his ancestors met such famous names as Torlonia, Paleologos, Savoy and others. Roman Frank with model and actress Teri hapless Shmona is not going to be long, but Teri pregnant. Family Shields has offered a large sum for the termination of pregnancy, which took Teri, yet May 31, 1965 gave birth to a baby girl. Frank married the mother of his child, but the marriage lasted only five months. Literally from the first days of life pretty babe Teri Shields decided – her daughter will be the star of show business, and she would do anything for her successful career. And in 11 months Brook posed for advertising soap, and then became a regular child model agency ‘Ford’, which for her was opened children’s division.
At 9 years old Brooke first appeared on the screen, playing the daughter of the protagonist of the film ‘After the fall’. In 1975 there was the first scandal connected with the name of a young model. Teri Shields gave permission to attend his daughter in a photo shoot for the magazine ‘Playboy’. In these photos, the girl was completely naked, and the images themselves were exhibited at the exhibition, intended ‘Adults Only’ (later Brooke Shields tried unsuccessfully to sue these photos and their negatives). Notoriety continued that at the age of 12 years old Brooke started acting in the film by Louis Malle ‘pretty baby’, which takes place in New Orleans beginning of the last century. The heroine Shields, twelve year old girl, becomes the object of sale by auction mother a prostitute. Brooke’s father, by this time a well-known psychiatrist who strongly objected to the participation of his daughter in such a film. However, in 1978 the tape was released and was followed by nominations for ‘Oscar’, ‘Palme d’Or’, a roaring success and less noisy scandals. Brooke Shields was a girl, a movie star, a symbol of early sexuality – and at the same time a constant visitor to psychocorrection sessions with his father. Psychological problems Brooke was aggravated by her mother, a daughter that plagued constant nagging, reproaching her for being too, in her opinion, completeness; while Teri itself morally degraded and abused alcohol.
After the controversial role modeling career Brooke soared upwards. Face fourteen models appeared on the cover of ‘Vogue’. A little later the girl appeared in provocative video touting the jeans ‘Calvin Klein’.
In 1980, Brooke appeared on the screen in the famous ‘Blue Lagoon’, which caused the most contradictory responses. The film, nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe, very fond of a teenager, he became a cult hit among surfers daunshifterov, neohippi, but for the main role was Brooke Shields ‘Razzie’, becoming the first laureate of the anti-Prize. In addition, against the filmmakers opened a criminal case on charges of teen porn, but were brought evidence that explicit scenes instead of an adult actress Brooke shot. More fortunate released in 1981 movie ‘Endless Love’, which won the ‘People’s Choice’.
In 16 years, Brooke Shields was a superstar status, the most recognizable face of the modeling business and daily wage of 10 thousand dollars. Intensive schedule exhausting girl, and despite the protests of his mother, she enrolled at Princeton University, where in 1987 received a bachelor’s degree in French literature, and two years later she defended her master’s thesis on Italian literature. After graduation, Brooke Shields continued to work in film, modeling and television. She is credited with numerous novels, including Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Prince of Monaco Albert II, Dodi Al Fayed, the Japanese prince Naruhito Hiro and many other celebrities, with the actress claimed that parted with innocence only 22 years old. However, a decent life partner Brooke Shields did not find, but in the middle of the 90s the popularity of the actress began to decline. By this time, it is a loud affair with tennis player Andre Agassi. Both at this point were in crisis career (Agassi had surgery on the wrist), both were authoritarian parents, from the dictate of which they continued to suffer, already far from young. In 1997 he held a luxurious wedding Agassi and Shields, but on the third day the couple quarreled. Conflicts have become constant companions of their lives – Brooks wanted to have children, and Andre no husband spent all his time on the grueling workouts, and his wife was bored at home – this married life lasted only two years. It is noteworthy that after the divorce, career, Agassi and Shields went on the rise, and just as soon as the two entered into a relationship that ended in a happy marriage.
In 1999, on the set of the television series Brook met with writer and producer Chris Henchy, and in 2001 married him. In 2003 was born their first daughter, and in 2006 – the second. Brooke Shields continues to act in films and television series, to conduct a program on television, appears at public events. She spends a lot of time in gyms, is a staunch vegetarian and defender of animals.

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