Brad Pitt

William Bradley Pitt

American film actor and producer.
Born December 18, 1963 in the town of Chavenat (Oklahoma, USA).
His father, Bill, worked as a manager in a company engaged in the carriage of goods, the mother of Jane Etta Hillhouse was a teacher in high school. Brad grew up in Springfield, Missouri, where his family moved because of his father. Brad – the eldest of three children in a close-knit family, where the Christian virtues were not empty words. Brad’s parents live in love and harmony for almost four decades.
At school, Pitt played sports, was in discussion club, music section and participated in student government. After high school, William went to the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he studied journalism and advertising. However, after graduation to work in the profession, he did not go, and went to Hollywood to begin an acting career. There he changed his name to “Brad Pitt,” but the number of roles offered to him by not increased.
Before you came to him cast success, Pitt worked as a driver, carrier furniture and even a greeter at restaurant «El Pollo Loco» and had a giant chicken suit to invite passers-by to visit their institution. Parallel to this, he attended acting classes. Professional career began after he was lucky to get a role in the television series “Dallas”. He began playing small roles in various TV series and movies. In 1988, he finally got the lead role in the movie “The Dark Side of the Sun”.
Decisive influence on the fate of Brad Pitt had a meeting with director Ridley Scott, have helped to make a career in the movies many actors. In “Thelma and Louise” Pitt three small episode, including the famous sex scene with Geena Davis, brought him fame as the most sexual partners in Hollywood today. ”
Brad Pitt, had limited his repertoire roles murderers, drug addicts and scum could never get into the top ten most popular actors in Hollywood. Critical to its creative reputation had three films: “Interview with the Vampire” (1994), “Legends of the Fall” (1994). “Seven” (1995).
The invitation itself Brad Pitt on a major role in the movie “Interview with the Vampire”, starring many of the leading representatives of the new generation of American actors testified consolidating its position in Hollywood. Pitt himself hated the movie and cursed himself for having signed the contract. However, as is sometimes unlearn, state oppression even helped the actor to create a credible image of the hero, who is weary of his fate, but can not change it.
But the actor’s most clearly manifested originality of Brad Pitt in “Legends of the Fall.” In “Legends of the Fall” tipazhnosti appearance Pitt played up to one hundred percent. That is why in this role, marked by outbursts of temperament and ecstatic passion, he feels very confident, never pinches and replaying. After this film magazine “People” called Brad Pitt is the sexiest man of all living.
For the role of a mentally ill seer in a futuristic apocalyptic movie of the British master Terry Gilliam’s “Twelve Monkeys” (1995) actor receives the “Golden Globes” and nominated for “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actor.
In 1997 came the film “Seven Years in Tibet”, which tells the story of the invasion of China in Tibet. As a result, Brad Pitt, as well as his partner in the film, David Thewlis, were permanently barred from coming to China.
In 1999, Pitt played one of his most famous roles in the cult film “Fight Club,” based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk.
The popularity of the actor is so great that one only his name on the poster can bring success to any film.
Movies with Pitt often have greater success abroad than in America, and attention to others, which it is exposed due to international fame, for it is a constant challenge. According to his fellow actors, he never abused his position. Pitt is not one of those who likes to express their opinions in public.

The “Golden Globe” (1995):
Best Supporting Actor (“Twelve Monkeys”)

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