Wild boar or wild pig – is a massive, impressive animal. His height at the withers of about one meter and weighs 150 pounds. He is armed with razor-sharp fangs, a length of about 15 centimeters. Boar great swims. In search of food or to escape from the chase wild boar swim across rivers and lakes even wider. Nowadays, wild boars live in some parts of Europe, in Russia, Asia and North Africa.
Boar tusks are often used not only for defense. With boar tusks dig out of the ground worms, larvae, as well as tubers and rhizomes. Wild boars live in herds of 5 to 15 animals. Sleep side by side, huddled close to each other. Males are always kept separate from the herd. Acceding only during the mating season.
Pigs – the oldest and most primitive of modern artiodactyls. They managed to hold out for so many millions of years due to the fact that have adapted to very different habitats and have become practically omnivorous. It is incredibly hardy and clever animals. In clashes with rivals, they have proved to be formidable fighters.
People first domesticated wild pigs about six and a half thousand years ago. Probably the first who tamed them, were fearless farmers who ventured to catch wild boar with cubs. However, not imposed on the domestication of pigs deep impression. If domestic pigs escape from the pen, they quickly run wild.
It happened in 1912, when a hunter named George Gordon Moore brought from Germany to the United States 14 wild boars. They escaped from the pen and simultaneously withdrawn several domestic pigs. Until now, those places wanders a lot of hybrid boars.
Pigs are very fertile. Suffice it to say that when Columbus brought to the West Indies, 8 pigs, he did not even know that after 13 years the locals will have to repel the attacks of wild and dangerous animals. Pigs bred in such numbers that they had to hunt entire villages.
In the tropics of Africa and Madagascar lives bush pigs. Growth of its more than 75 inches and weighs up to 100 kilograms. Bush pigs prefer vegetarian food, but occasionally eat small animals. They are looking for food at night and sleep during the day sweet. These animals are not averse to visit and field tilled by man. They did not stop even barbed wire and fences. Wire, they bite, and was undermining the fences.
The largest of living nowadays considered forest pigs pig Central Africa. In appearance it is a formidable animal. It weighs 140 to 230 pounds, and its tusks reach a length of 25 centimeters. But in fact, this monster – very timid animal. They live in the forests and try not to catch the eye of people. In the savannas of Africa is also home to wild boar – warthog.
Bakers – an American relative of the European wild boar. Outwardly, very similar to their European counterparts, but differ from them in scent glands on the back. By means of this gland fluid bakers mark their territory. This family includes three species. Collared peccary and white-bearded live in the tropics of North, Central and South America. The third kind of a few years ago found in the forest wilds of Paraguay. This species is considered extinct even in the ice age. He was given the name “long-nosed” bakers. People for a long time trying to tame the bakers, but before the end domesticate them and failed.

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