Blueberries grow in most regions of the Northern Hemisphere cold and temperate climates: from the Russian Far East and Japan in the east to Iceland and the UK in the west. In the south area of ??distribution of species it comes to Italy, Spain, Turkey, Mongolia, the countries of the former Yugoslavia. From Alaska to Newfoundland in North America, to California in the south.
Blueberries – the closest relative of the blueberry. Pulp berry blueberry slightly greenish and watery. Sweetness and density is slightly inferior fruit blueberries blueberries, but the size exceeds one and a half – twice. Blueberry juice is colorless.
Blueberries are a lot of very unflattering Common names: durniha, durnitsa, drunken berry pyanika, pyanichka, drunkard Sinica, vodopyanka, Durach, durnika, gonobol, gonoboy, vodopyanka and many such. Blame actually bogulnik which often grows next to the blueberry. Leaves and branches bogulnika contain toxic oils. Contact with a basket with blueberries Labrador tea leaves is fraught with poisoning or even loss of consciousness. By itself, blueberries has a number of medicinal properties. There is evidence that blueberries prevents the emergence of cancer cells, due to high content of highly active antioxidants.
Berries and blueberry juice increase metabolism and the influence of sugar-reducing drugs, normalize the heart and digestive organs, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, relieve eye fatigue and help to restore vision.
The berries are eaten raw, dried, make compotes, jams, jams, desserts, used for cooking kvass and wine, add to baked goods. Sometimes blueberries mixed with other berries: blueberries, cranberries, blueberries and so on. For a brighter flavor. Blueberry leaves are used in marinades, broths.

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