Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton
Birthday: 04/08/1955 Year
Age: 59 years
Place of birth: Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States

Nationality: United States

Billy Bob Thornton was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His father, Willie Ray Thornton taught history at the university and worked part-time basketball coach. Billy’s mother – Virginia Faulkner was clairvoyant. In the family, except for Billy Bob, had three sons – Jimmy Don, Jim Bean, and John David. As a child, Billy Bob spent a lot of time with his grandfather – Otis Thornton, who worked as a caretaker of the forest, and lived in a small shack in the woods.
As a child, Billy Bob Thornton became interested in music. As a teenager, he was listening to English rock that captures all his imagination. His principal idol became Ringo Starr. “Ringo Starr was the favorite singer. Seeing once, Ringo Starr on the show Ed Sullivan, I was jumping for joy like a little girl. ” Carried away by the music, he began playing in local rock bands on the drums. He even founded several groups, one of which – Tres Humbres – played hits ZZTop. Plans for the band were serious – they released several albums and even went on tour, arranging themselves tour. But in the end the band broke up. “It was not our show – it was a movement to nowhere” – says Billy Bob about this period of his life.
In 1981, Billy Bob Thornton moved to Los Angeles in order to become an actor or writer. And to become an actor Billy decided, after watching movies with Elvis Presley. Arriving, Billy Bob faced with a cruel reality. The first time he worked in fast food chains, telemarketing, on the wind farm – where else, but not in the movie. But along the way he went to audition and casting all kinds. At one time, working as a waiter, he met director Billy Wilder, who advised him to start a career in film, with screenwriter profession.
In the early ’90s, Billy Bob managed to pull in a few films. His first appearance on the screen was held in the film «Hearts Afire» John Ritter and Mark Post. And his role in «One false Move» received good reviews from critics.
Billy Bob Thornton Wilder’s advice not forgotten, and in 1996 wrote the screenplay for the film “Sling Blade,” where he played a major role – Karl Childers maniac. For this film, Billy Bob won an Oscar, Writers Guild of America Award nomination for “Best Actor”. Billy Bob Thornton recalls how he came up with the image of Karl Childers: “Sitting in front of the mirror depression Childers suddenly climbed out. I started to talk to voice the character and make faces. ” Undoubtedly, the image was born during all those years it took for the debut of Billy Bob Thornton as director and screenwriter.
In 2000, to carry on with Tom Epperson Billy Bob Thornton wrote the screenplay for the film “The Gift”, which starred Keanu Reeves, Cate Blanchett, Kate Holmes and Hilary Swank.
Sam Thornton began acting more and more often. His role in the film is always different colorful and unusual. Of his characters can create a gallery of killers, murderers, and just plain weird guys – Gloomy bounty hunter – eater in “Dead Man” Jarmusch, mechanic-degenerate in the “turn” by Oliver Stone, a tractor driver in “The Apostle”. And, of course, his main character – Karl Childers from “Sling Blade.”
He also played with the star cast in the movie “Armageddon” and the memorable role in the film “The Man Who Was not There.”
In “bandits”, where he played alongside Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton joined his role with the provincial way werewolf-bandit. And, acting in “Managing the Mission,” Billy Bob Thornton met with Angelina Jolie. The wife of the plot became the wife of a life.
In the late ’90s Thornton, known for his love for music, began a musical career as a singer and lyricist. In 2001, he released an album called «Private Radio». Two more albums were released in 2003 – «Edge of the world», and in 2005 – «Hobo». (Even when Billy Bob Thornton played in Tres Hombres, Billy Gibbons of ZZTop drew attention to the group, and called it the best band in Texas.) Since September 2006, Billy Bob Thornton is working on the next album.
Billy Bob always considered strange guy. If he is not strange, then, in any case, he has a lot of features. For example, he is very afraid of old furniture. (“Damn, old furniture – it is terrible. I can not be with her, even within a single quarter.”) There is a rumor that he only eats orange food. (“Nonsense! I eat papaya every morning, but then eat normal food.”) He does not fly on airplanes (“Aircraft … A man can not fly, it is unnatural!”) And is afraid of large crowds. (“I immediately start to shiver, and show concern. Every time looking forward to the end of the event, to quietly go home.”) Another strange dream Billy Bob dragged into the basement piano and learn to play it. (“There’s at least I can get rid of the human society”). Well, among other things, he considers himself the reincarnation of Benjamin Franklin.
Billy Bob Thornton lives in Los Angeles. He was married five times (he has four children from different wives), but among all of its women, of course, stands actress Angelina Jolie. Their couple was known for his eccentric behavior. Tattoo with the name of each other, medallions with blood drops both, and the negation of all the canons of social life. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob adopted a child from Cambodia – Maddox, which now bears the name of the Jolie-Pitt.
In 2003, Billy Bob Thornton broke up with Angelina Jolie. In his life, a new woman, but her he was not going to marry. “I have no purpose to marry. This idea is like a marriage to me is not working. I do not know why. ”
In February 2007 there was a film with Billy Bob in the lead role called “Farmer-astronaut.” In October 2007, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will be laid star Billy Bob Thornton dedicated.

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