Bill Murray

Bill Murray
Birthday: 21/09/1950 Year
Place of birth: Wilmette, Illinois, USA
Nationality: United States
Height: 188 cm

Hooligan in life, in a romantic movie
Who were the parents of origin Bill Murray? Why Bill dropped out of medical college? As he got into the Actors Studio ‘Second City’? After the release of the show Murray was invited to Hollywood? Which movie actor turned into a star of the first magnitude? Why the 2000s, Murray began to play more dramatic films? As an actor likes to spend his spare time?

early life
Bill Murray was born in the town of Wilmette, Illinois, September 21, 1950. He grew up in a large family of Irish Catholics who had emigrated from Europe in the first half of the twentieth century. His father worked in the logging company, and his mother was a housewife.
Bill grew up a rebellious child. In a Jesuit school, where he identified the parents, he was known as a bully and this study was not interested. He fought with classmates, play truant and drew caricatures of teachers. Bill liked only golf and school theater, where he has participated in performances.
After high school, parents insisted that Bill continued his studies at the Medical College of Colorado. Here, far from home and parental control, he continued his merry life. The young man was rarely in the classroom and often got to the police station for the storage and use of drugs. One day he was arrested at the Denver airport for a message about mining. When police searched Murray, instead of bombs found marijuana. Soon, he was expelled from the College of Medicine.
After returning home for a while, Bill worked in a pizzeria and at the construction site. Who knows what would have happened to him life if he did not get into the Actors Studio ‘Second City’, where he studied his brother Brian. Despite the fact that the Bill without any problems and was interviewed sample to the profession of an actor he treated lightly.
And Bill Murray asked to participate in a humorous show ‘Saturday Night Live’. The program has gained incredible popularity, and soon he was leading – Murray, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd – invited to Hollywood.
First novice actor trusts only incidental roles and often does not indicate his name in the credits. Murray’s first serious work was the picture of ‘All You Need Is Cash’ (1978). In this film, which parodied the history of the band ‘The Beatles’, except Bill starred a number of future stars: John Belushi, Mick Jagger, George Harrison, Paul Simon and others.
On the set of pictures ‘Nerds’ (1979) Bill Murray changed his attitude to the cinema. He first became serious about becoming an actor and realized that he could achieve in this area a great success. Bill made it a condition that will play the role of Harrison, if he would be paid a percentage of profits from the film. And, to his own surprise, the producers took the offer.
Gaining popularity
The first major success of Bill Murray’s acting career was the role of Jeff Slater in the famous comedy “Tootsie” (1982). After reaching the screen of this painting critics started talking seriously about the birth of a new star. And soon, aspiring actor met their expectations.
The film, which Murray lifted to the top of the Hollywood Olympus, became a fantastic comedy ‘Ghostbusters’ (1984). A picture of the team of wrestlers with ghosts had incredible popularity and collected at the box office $ 220 million. In the role of Dr. Peter Venkmana Bill looked very convincing, and eventually his character gained cult status.
Despite the great fame of the actor, the producers in no hurry to give him the role. A few years Bill has played supporting characters, until in 1989 he was not offered to play in the continuation of sci-fi movie ‘Ghostbusters 2’ (1989). Murray knew that the second part of the movie will not be as successful as the first, but still agreed. And so it happened. The film was passed cool though critics have noted a good game actor.
About the outstanding talent of Bill Murray recalled in 1993, when the screens went brilliant comedy “Groundhog Day.” This film became really popular, receiving an incredible love of the audience. Much of the success of the film was made possible thanks to the game Murray, who played the role of commentator Phil Connors – ironic, tired of life.
After the success of the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ Bill no longer worried about his future. Offers poured in one after the other, providing an actor working for a decade.
In the 90s Murray starred in such acclaimed films as ‘Ed Wood’ (1994), ‘Larger Than Life’ (1996), “The Man Who Knew Too Little” (1997), ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (2000) .
Changing roles
In the 2000s, Bill Murray all of a sudden lost interest in comedy films and began to play a dramatic role in the films of independent directors. In 2003, the actor appeared in an unusual ribbon Jim Jarmusch ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ and a couple of years in his new work ‘Broken Flowers’ (2005), which tells of an aging womanizer Don Johnston. At this their cooperation has not ended. In 2009, Bill starred in the thriller Jarmusch’s ‘The Limits of Control’.
However, the most famous dramatic film Murray was the psychological drama ‘Lost in Translation’ (2003) directed by Sofia Coppola. Film about the relationship between an aging Hollywood star and a young girl, played by Scarlett Johansson, was the main event of the year and brought the actor a lot of film awards. Bill received a nomination for the Oscar and won ‘BAFTA’ and ‘Golden Globe’.
In recent years, Bill Murray prefers to play serious roles. According to him, he ‘peresmeshil’ already all people, so want to try their hand at dramatic works. And, apparently, he did it pretty well. In addition to awards for the film ‘Lost in Translation’, the actor was nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the film ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’ (2012). Murray also continues to work with his favorite directors: Jim Jarmusch and Wes Anderson. Anderson last film ‘Grand Hotel Budapest “(2014), where Bill played the role of M. Ivan, received good reviews critics.
Few people know that the three brothers Bill – Joel, John and Brian – also actors. All four appeared in the film ‘Scrooged’, which was released in 1988. In his spare time, Murray likes to play golf. With this game it is inseparable for 40 years.
As a young actor has been married to his longtime friend, from whom he has two sons. In 40 years, Bill met a young costume designer and immediately fell in love. They still live together and raise three boys.

Movie roles
2014 Monuments Men, The (Germany, USA) :: Richard Campbell :: main role
2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel (Germany, USA) :: Ivan M.
2012 A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (US)
2012 Moonrise Kingdom (USA)
2012 Hyde Park on Hudson (United Kingdom) :: Franklin Delano Roosevelt :: main role
2010 Passion Play (USA)
2009 Limits of Control, The (USA) :: American
2009 Zombieland (USA)
2008 Get Smart (USA) 13 Agent ::
2008 City of Ember (USA) :: Cole
Mayor of Ember
2007 Darjeeling Limited, The (USA) :: Businessman
2005 Saturday Night Live: The Best of John Belushi (USA)
2005 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dan Aykroyd (USA)
2005 Broken Flowers (USA, France) :: Don Johnston :: main role
2005 Lost City, The (USA) :: Writer
2004 Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The (USA) :: Steve Zyss :: main role
2003 Lost in Translation (US, Japan) :: Bob Harris :: main role
2003 Coffee and Cigarettes (Italy, USA, Japan) :: Bill
2002 The Rutles 2: Can not Buy Me Lunch (UK)
2002 Speaking of Sex (Canada, USA) :: Stovall
2001 Royal Tenenbaums, The (USA) :: Raleigh
2000 Hamlet (USA) :: Polonius
2000 Charlie’s Angels (USA, Germany) :: John Bosley
1999 Scout’s Honor (US Short)
1999 Cradle Will Rock (USA) :: Tommy
1998 With Friends Like These … (USA) :: Maurice Melnick
1998 Wild Things (USA) :: Kenneth Bowden
1998 Rushmore (USA) :: Herman Blume
1997 Man Who Knew Too Little, The (Germany, USA) :: :: Wallace Ritchie starring role
The man who knew too little (1997)
1996 Kingpin (USA) :: Ernie
1996 Larger Than Life (USA) :: Jack Corcoran :: main role
1994 Ed Wood (USA) :: Bunny Breckinridge
1993 Groundhog Day (USA) :: Phil Connors :: main role
Leading “weather forecast”, reporter
Groundhog Day (1993)
1993 Mad Dog and Glory (USA) :: Frank Milo :: main role
1991 What About Bob? (USA) :: Bob Wiley :: main role
1990 Quick Change (USA) :: :: main role Grimm
1993 Quantum Leap (USA) :: Episode
1989 Ghostbusters II (USA) :: Dr. Peter Venkman :: main role
1988 She’s Having a Baby (US) :: Episode
1988 Scrooged (USA) :: magnate Frank Cross :: main role
  1986 Little Shop of Horrors (USA) :: Arthur
  1984 Ghost Busters (USA) :: Dr. Peter Venkman :: main role
1984 Razor’s Edge, The (USA) :: Larry Darrell :: main role
  1984 Nothing Lasts Forever (USA) :: Ted
1982 Tootsie | Would I Lie to You? (USA) :: Jeff
1981 SCTV Network 90 (Canada, USA)
1981 Stripes | Stripes (USA) :: John Winger :: main role
1980 Caddyshack (USA) :: Charles
1980 Where the Buffalo Roam (USA) :: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
1980 Loose Shoes (USA) :: Lefty
1979 Meatballs (Canada) :: Harrison
1979 Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video (USA) :: Man on the street
1978 Rutles: All You Need Is Cash, The (USA)
1976 Next Stop, Greenwich Village (USA) :: Nick Kessel
1960 Little Shop of Horrors, The (USA) :: Arthur Denton
2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox, The (USA, animation)
2006 Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (USA) :: Voice of Garfield
2004 Garfield (USA)
2001 Osmosis Jones (USA, animation)
1996 Space Jam (USA)

Participation in the film
2008 Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (US Documentary)

archive footage
2006 Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film (US Documentary)
1992 HBO First Look (US Documentary)

1990 Quick Change (USA)

1984 Razor’s Edge, The (USA)

1990 Quick Change (USA)

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