Bears – a hairy heavyweights among predators. Alaskan brown bear in the prime of life reaches a height of three meters and weigh as much as 700 pounds. The largest of bears – white polar bear. Its length is more than 3 meters and weighs a ton of this giant. But so much weigh mostly older males. On average, polar bears weigh between 300 to 500 pounds. This huge beast iron muscles. From the cold it makes a thick layer of fat and a white or slightly golden skin with thick warm coat. Even the soles of the paws protected fur.
This beast is able to swim in the icy water tens of kilometers. It is great dives. Thus, his eyes are open, and the holes and ears nostrils compressed. The polar bear has excellent hearing and eyesight. He feels the extraction of 5-7 kilometers and can catch the delicate scent through a thick layer of snow.
The polar bear can be very long without food. But when there is production, he immediately eats 10 to 25 pounds and very quickly accumulates fat. Now the world there are only 10-20 thousand polar bears. Barbaric hunt put this predator to the brink of extinction. Now passed a law prohibiting hunting him. The polar bear is included in the Red Book.
Generally bears vary greatly in size, color and habitat. But almost all of them powerful, tightly folded animals. Muzzle these animals are extended, as in dogs. Eyes and ears are very small, but huge claws and are very dangerous weapon. Although the bear family belongs to the order of predators, bears happy to eat a variety of cereals, roots, berries and nuts. They are willing to endure the bites of angry bees, just to get to the honey – his favorite treats.
The most common bear – brown. It lives throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Although it is called brown, it is not always the same color. There are also black, and yellow, and beige, and even bright red bears. If the peoples of the southern king of beasts lion believe, that the North is my rank is a bear.
Brown bears, preserved in Europe, relatively small. Their weight is only 90 kilograms. Much larger than those living in Scandinavia and Russia. They weigh up to 350 kilograms. Bears living on the west coast of the US, Canada and Alaska sometimes weigh more than 400 pounds. They are called Grizzly (gray) due to slightly silvered hair. Grizzlies – one of the most dangerous bears. He usually prefers to avoid humans, but in an emergency can safely attack. Away from it very difficult. A short-range predator can overtake even a racehorse. The largest of brown bears – Kodiak live on the coast and islands of Alaska. They weigh up to 700 kilograms. When a huge Kodiak stands on its hind legs, it’s hard to believe that this monster was born blind and helpless, no larger than a rat and weighed 400 grams. Brown bear brings one to four cubs. They are born in January and February. The mother feeds them with milk until April or May, after that they go along with it for hunting. Usually cubs stay with their mother until the year.
More common in North America baribaly, or in other words, black bears. They live from Mexico to Alaska. They are so varied in color, like their brown brothers. On the west coast of Alaska common species of bear. They are called gletchёrnye bears. These silver-blue. A living off the coast of British Columbia Kermode bear is often snow-white.
Asian and South American bears are mostly black in color with a variety of Metin. They are not very big and weigh about 140 pounds. Bolsheuhy Asiatic black bear – a distant relative of the American black bear. He lives in the mountain forests, everywhere, from Afghanistan to the Japanese islands. Most of his life he spent in the trees in search of nuts and acorns. Outlandish kind of bear-trumpeter, inhabitant of India and Sri Lanka. He has a very elongated snout and huge curved claws. Claws, he pulls out of the land of tasty roots and tubers, and a long snout helps him blow termites from termite mounds. It’s his favorite food. When it blows in the mound, then raises such a noise that it can be heard for hundreds of meters.
Spectacled bear, received the name of the yellow circles around the eyes, there was only in the highland forests. Now he lives only on the slopes of the South American Andes. He lives in the nests, which is building on the trees. It feeds mainly on palm shoots. One of the smallest and funny bears – nosobryuhy Malay bear. They live in Southeast Asia and weigh about 70 pounds, as well as the spectacled bear. They build their nests in the trees themselves. Malays sometimes tame them and keep as pets.

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