The only flying mammals in the world are bats. They belong to the order Chiroptera. He has as many as 950 species. Many people are afraid of bats due to the fact that they only fly at night and tend to like symptoms appear silently out of the darkness. And at first glance they do not seem very nice, if not – ugly.
Elastic membrane connects the fingers of their forelimbs, flanks and hind limbs. It turns out a kind of wing. The muzzle of a bat at the same time reminds muzzle conventional mouse and a smaller copy of pig snouts.
These animals find refuge in the crevices of buildings, hollows, crevices and caves. Some hunt and live in large colonies, while others prefer to be alone. So, once scientists have discovered in a cave in Texas Bracken huge colony of bats in 20 million individuals.
Bats come in all sizes, ranging from small svinokosoy bat (wingspan of 160 mm and weight – 2g) to a huge fox Bismarck (wingspan of 1.83 meters). Most bats eat insects, but there are real predators, feeding on blood. They are called – vampires.
Bats fly out to hunt only at night or at dusk. They find prey using echolocation, it also helps them to orient themselves in space. The animals make sounds that people can not hear. They catch the reflected sound with his huge ears and so detect prey or obstacle. About how fast these animals fly, there is no accurate data.
Some scientists have recorded a speed of 51 km / h, but the research conducted by American scientists showed that 8 species of bats, which were taken for the experiments, only four were flying a little faster than 20 km / h. Vision bats very weak, but well-developed ears. During the day, after a night of hunting bats sleep, with many species – clung to a branch or rock upside down.
These animals live on average 20 years. Scientists know a single female brown moth, has lived for 32 years. By the way, there are still many species of bats are known to science, some found only in single copies. Bats are beneficial to human beings. They destroy mosquitoes and forest pests. So do not rush to kill them at the meeting. And do not worry, nothing bad they will not do it.

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