Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand
Birthday: 24/04/1942 Year
Age: 72 year
Place of birth: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 165 cm

Barbra Streisand – Towards a Dream
As Barbra Steyzand managed to overcome an inferiority complex? What a child dreamed of a great singer? The success of the Broadway musical Streisand helped to become a singer, and his debut in the movie? Which film actress turned into a world star? What is the ‘Phenomenon Streisand’? What folly nearly made Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau because of the love for the singer? What directing Streisand, Steven Spielberg called a masterpiece? As an actress was able to find peace, and whether it was realized a childhood dream?
Early life
Barbra Streisand was born on April 24, 1942 in New York, to a Jewish family. When she was a year old, his father died, and a few years later his mother remarried. Stepfather did not like closed, ugly and terribly assertive Barbara, so often beat her. At school, it is also no friends, and classmates called her ugly.
But Barbara was a girl with character. One day, she said that would be a great movie star and sing for the US president. Parents just laughed, but the next day they were in for a surprise: the daughter dyed her hair green and went to school. The paint was stable, and the mother had to shave Barbara to bare. But she’s not upset, because now more attracted attention.
After high school, Barbara did not forget about his dream. Parents were convinced that with such an unattractive appearance she would never succeed in show business. But Streisand consoled himself with the thought that the important thing in a person not the beauty and originality, and vowed never to complex about it. When Barbara went to a local bar to get a singer, visitors began to shout unhappy, but worth it to take the microphone and sing, all fell silent. She turned out to be surprisingly pleasant velvety voice. Thus was born a new star.
Bound for Glory
The first thing that made Streisand, it changed its name to Barbra to make it sound more original. Her career, which began in cheap eatery, rapidly began to gain momentum. In 1962, Barbra first appeared on Broadway, playing in the musical ‘I’ll get it to you wholesale. ” Small, ugly, but shy girl with good music data immediately attracted the attention of the producers. After signing a contract with the ‘Columbia Records’ Streisand released her first album ‘The Barbra Streisand Album’ (1963), which gained immense popularity and won two Grammy.
All subsequent albums Streisand has always enjoyed success and brought the singer worldwide fame. But she wanted to not only sing, but also to act in films. Barbra brilliant game in the Broadway musical “Funny Girl” has not gone unnoticed. Screenwriter Julie Stein rewrote the play in the script and the film studio decided to make a film. Stein advised the lead role of Streisand, but director William Wyler wanted to see for myself in her talent. On samples with a kiss scene was played out, and when it was the turn of Barbra, she dug into her lips actor Omar Sharif that he bled. Sharif shouted that she’s crazy, and the whole production team was dying with laughter. So Streisand got the part.
The film ‘Funny Girl’ (1968) Barbra brought worldwide fame and ‘Oscar’ in the category ‘Best Actress’. About her screaming headlines and journalists lined up for the interview. In fashion, immediately entered hairstyles ‘page’, elongated eyes and fluttering dress-robes. Portraits Streisand blossomed on the cover of ‘Vogue’, ‘Time’, ‘Life’, ‘Cosmopolitan’. Little ugly girl who yesterday complexes about their appearance, turned into the most desirable women of America.
Problems with men from Barbra never was. They liked it and unusual appearance, and a subtle sense of humor, and a little crazy character. In 1964, Streisand married actor Elliott Gould, from whom she had a son Jason. Their marriage was not happy, and seven years later they parted.
Barbra so easily conquered the hearts of men, that after some time, the notion of ‘Phenomenon Streisand’. It is best described by Omar Sharif. According to the actor, at first it seemed to him ugly, but gradually smoothed impression. And after a while he fell madly in love and in her talent, and her very. Without a doubt these words have subscribed to all the men who have had a relationship with the actress. And there were many. Barbra brought to mind a big businessman Richard basketball, actor Omar Sharif and Warren Beatty, a young millionaire Dodi Fayed. Because of her almost resigned his post of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada.
70-80s were the most successful in the career Streisand. She continued to write immortal hits and brilliantly played in the movie. In 1976, Barbra won her second Oscar for the song ‘Evergreen’ for the film ‘A Star Is Born’ (1976). She became the first female composer who has received this award. And it is the first time on the screen, as the main protagonist of the film ‘The Owl and the Pussycat “(1970), said the word’ fuck ‘.
Dreams Come True
Barbra Streisand never ceased to amaze fans throughout all of his career. Her most courageous act can be called a base film studio, where she began to produce his own films. In 1983, the screens out the first film Streisand ‘Yentl’, which received five nominations for Oscar and was named Steven Spielberg masterpiece. Her next work – ‘Prince of Tides’ (1991) and’ Mirror Has Two Faces “(1996) – were highly appreciated by the critics, who recognized that Streisand has outstanding directorial talent.
In 2004, after eight years, the actress has reappeared in the film, playing in the comedy ‘Meet the Fockers’. The film was a resounding success at the box office earning a record $ 500 million. This picture regained popularity Streisand. Her musical career has also experienced unprecedented growth. In 2007, she first visited Europe with concerts, triggering an unprecedented boom. In the UK, the ticket price reached ? 1500, but they were sold out in just a few days. Wishing to see the performance of a living legend, it was hundreds of thousands.
Barbra Streisand now lives a quiet measured life with actor James Brolin, whom she married in 1998. She cooks him dinner, and evening they spend watching television. They love to play basketball at the ranch and travel a lot. According to the singer, with the advent of James she finally found peace of mind.
A US president did Barbra sang! On the day of the 49 th anniversary of Bill Clinton, she called in his apartment, but the secretary said that he was on a horse walk. Then Streisand his resolute tone demanded to call him, explaining that he wants to congratulate Barbara. President of the hour is come home and heard a nice velvety voice on the phone: ‘Happy birthday to you’ … Just like when a Marilyn Monroe sang John Kennedy. I wonder what at this point thought the singer? Was she happy about that girl all her life has come true? Or she never doubted his success? After all, the story of her life – is a series of fantastic victories. Victories without a single defeat.

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