Badger is difficult to see, because he loves to sleep. Sleeps all day in the summer, and in winter – day and night. Only occasionally he wakes up and wanders through the woods. This happens most often in strong thaw or during a big rain, when water gets into the hole and wakes sluggard. In the spring, after waking up, badger does not go far from the hole. Remains of wet snow, mud, streams and puddles of water do not have to trim the beast long walks.
Early spring badger satisfied the diversified food. He eats different roots that are easily pulls strong paws. Finds in the earth and rotten stumps various larvae and worms that eat snails, frogs and mice catches, eats everything that is edible. In search of food badger claws dug up the ground easily. Claws serve him and to the defense, but the nature of his peace, and he enters the fray only as a last resort.
Badger pretty big beast – almost a meter long. The legs are short and strong, with sharp claws, a small head and long neck. Badger seems slow, but when necessary, he runs fast, cleverly enough prey. This powerful digger is able to in the pursuit of prairie dogs to dig a tunnel at a speed of more than a meter per minute.
By the end of the spring as the accumulation of forces it further and further away from the hole, away on a 5-km b. On the hunt badger returned at dawn. Sometimes delayed and did not have time to do the night the way back to the burrow, then it can be seen during the day making his way home in the hole. But more often in such cases, the badger spends the day hiding in a temporary shelter.
Badger – neat and cleanly beast. Around its burrow is always clean. Badger burrow deep, with many branches and transitions to the same every year he is digging new tunnels. In a badger hole and holds the winter, he falls into hibernation like a bear. Autumn badger begins to prepare for winter. He is now eating much and getting fat. As in the spring, it serves food all that will fall: beetles, slugs, lizards, frogs, mice. He eats and wild berries and fruits.
Before going to bed, badger claws raking fallen leaves in a hole, put up a soft bed. But sleeping in the winter is not as strong as the hedgehog. During thaws, he often wakes up and even comes out of his hole to get some exercise and bask in the sun.
Enemies badger bit, these include: wolf, lynx and bear part. In case of danger badger digging new tunnels, while scoring the earth move behind him, and it often saves his life. Badgers – animals useful: they consume a lot of rodents, venomous snakes, slugs, harmful insects and their larvae.

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