Directed by James Cameron

Starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, CCH Pounder, Wes Studi, Las Alonso, Joel David Moore

Produced by Brooke Breton, James Cameron, Jon Landau

Scenario James Cameron

Operator Mauro Fiore

Composer James Horner

Budget $ 237 million

Premiere December 10, 2009 (World)

Released on DVD April 22, 2010

The official slogan Enter the World

Honors and Awards

OSCAR 3 awards and 5 nominations

The film is set in 2154 on the planet Pandora, Earth-like moon of the gas giant Polyphemus. Corporation RDA (Office for the development of resources) has produced on this planet extremely valuable mineral anobtanium. This operation controls Parker Selfridge, representative of the corporation and head of the colony people. Conditions on Pandora are similar to Earth, but the atmosphere is poisonous to humans, so people wear masks with filters. Pandora is inhabited by the Na’vi – blue-skinned humanoids three-meter living in harmony with nature and worship the Deity Euwe. Due to production anobtaniuma harming the ecosystem of Pandora, and extermination of indigenous people, the relationship between humans and Na’vi deteriorated. For the development of the biosphere and establishing relations program was launched “Avatar”: artificial cultivation bodies obtained by converting the DNA of people in navitranskriptazu.

Just returned from Avatar, I can not write about this movie. The film is stunning and of course I’m delighted, but I would like to elaborate on a few points:

The most striking thing in this movie – computer graphics … This I have not seen, stunning colorful world with its magnificence, magnificent beauty of the characters … ah, lovers of computer graphics will cry with delight!

Secondly, of course, the plot. Well, I do love a good cry and poperezhivat … that was enough for me! Chic battle scenes, battle scenes with wild animals were forced to flinch, and the views and Neytiri and Jake kiss makes the heart beat faster. In general, oddly enough, fans of militants and melodrama here, too! Love line organically interwoven with the theme of confrontation between the two worlds, with the theme of war.

Third actors. I would like to especially note Sigourney Weaver, who was just gorgeous. No association with “strangers”, by the way, I did not have. She just lived this role, look at her was a pleasure, she laid a hundred percent. And of course Michelle Rodriguez, who as always inimitable. She has played in such a manner, and here she was gorgeous.

Images of the rest to me is difficult to assess, probably due to the abundance of computer graphics. But in general, everything looked amazing game of all, without exception, were pleased.

Of the minuses I spotted only one, and that little – some aspects of the plot was pretty predictable, but for me it does not spoil the impression of the film.

Bottom line: great film, all to look, not like this film is probably only for lovers of documentary films and horror, all the rest just have to appreciate it, because it really is, well, if not a masterpiece, it just very, very worthwhile picture. I urge anyone who has not watched this film a must-see, he just enter the number of the best movies of the planet!

Maybe to be a masterpiece, this film lacks realism, and going to watch it, remember that this is not reality, this is – incredibly beautiful fairy tale! But after immersion in this story is not particularly want to go back to the ground …

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