Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner
Birthday: 12/24/1922 Year
Place of birth: Smithfield, North Carolina, United States
Date of Death: 01/25/1990 Year
Place of death: Westminster, London, UK
Nationality: United States
Height: 168 cm

The actress with the face of an angel
As raised in a family affected the later life of Ava Gardner? Thanks to whom she got to the studio ‘MGM’? Why Ava refused millionaire Howard Hughes? Which of her marriage was the greatest impact? A role in which film actress brought worldwide fame? Why Gardner threw Frank Sinatra, and how her life has developed in Europe?

Childhood and adolescence
Ava Gardner was born on December 24, 1922 in North Carolina. She was the youngest of seven children in the family of the owner of a tobacco plantation and housewives. At the outbreak of the Great Depression, tobacco leaf fell, and my father had to sell the farm.
Ava grew up in a poor family, which was dominated by strict rules. Her mother was a Puritan and a deep-rooted contempt for men. The only book in the house was the Bible, the only entertainment – the radio. Daughters mother read his sermon on sin and virtue, and tried hard to protect them from communicating with men.
When the girl was 16 years old, his father died, and live in the house became quite unbearable. Ava was a real beauty, but her mother forbade her to buy new clothes, use cosmetics and think about something other than studying. Daughter, unlike the mother, believed in love and fairy-tale prince, so as soon as she turned 18, she left the family moved and enrolled in courses secretaries.
Live in a provincial town was boring, but Ava patient and hope for a miracle. And so, in 1941, a sister invited her on a visit to New York. The trip was supposed to be a common occurrence, but Gardner changed the lives of all. My sister’s husband, photographer Larry Ter, for fun took a few pictures of the girl and was delighted. Thin waist, chest high, expressive green eyes and silky skin … She was born to the movies!
The same opinion and ordinary clerk came from the studios ‘MGM’, when I saw the photo Gardner. He showed them to his superiors, and Ava asked to sign a contract with the studio. For southerners, brought up under strict Puritan canons, the proposal was a real challenge. But miss this chance Ava could not. She signed a contract for seven years with a salary of $ 50 a week. Thus began the ascent of the famous Hollywood Olympus Ava Gardner.
First brunette Hollywood
Ava Gardner is not in vain called the first brunette Hollywood. No sooner had the modest girl to cross the threshold ‘MGM’, as in love with her actor Mickey Rooney – the main star of the film studio. He fell asleep Ava gifts and promised to make very happy, but she was adamant. Gardner did not allow the actor even kiss her, because I think a kiss outside marriage sinful. Finally, Ava Mickey accepted the offer, and in 1941 they were married.
Living with a Star in Hollywood was not such what it represented Gardner. Rooney almost did not come home. During the day he was consistently busy with work, and at night time spent in the company of friends at the races or a noisy party. Ava broke down and a half years filed for divorce. Mickey begged her not to go, but she has already decided everything for myself.
Gardner’s film career also did not add up. For five years, she had to settle for minor roles until she starred in the classic film noir ‘Killer’ (1946). It was the first great success of Ava, which are now seen not only as sexy babes, but also as a talented actress. Despite the fact that all directors who worked with Gardner, talked about her exceptional abilities, the actress has always believed that she had no talent.
Meanwhile, the green-eyed beauty interested in Howard Hughes – industrialist, media mogul and one of the most influential people in America. He was famous not only for his passion for aviation, but also a whole harem of mistresses. Gardner took courtship millionaire, but to rush to the relationship did not. For several years, Hughes sought marriage to actress, but over time Ava realized that for him it was just another beauty. She should incredible effort to get rid of its surveillance and ‘custody’.
At the filming of ‘whistle stop’ Gardner met clarinetist Artie Shaw, the famous intellectual and eccentric. She was tired of the rich men, and she threw herself into the arms of smart. In 1945, they were married, but the marriage lasted only seven months. According to the actress, live with Artie was very boring, even more boring than to study in college. He forced his wife to read the book, but she did not understand completely.
After her divorce from Shaw Gardner had a ball. She had forgotten about his Puritan upbringing and began to change lovers like gloves. One of her novels with the actor Howard Duff ended unsuccessful pregnancy and abortion, after which she was no longer able to have children. The actress was depressed, and she began to kiss the bottle.
Hope for a new life Gardner gave Frank Sinatra – singer, actor and Hollywood heartthrob. Friends warned the actress that he was pohlesche Hughes, but she madly in love with him. Experienced similar feelings and Frank. In 1951, after returning from filming Ava from Spain, they were married. Their marriage was the highlight of the year, and family life worthy of the history of the novel. They were very similar – loved Italian food, night life, boxing matches and whiskey. Both were emotional, open and a little reckless.
After the wedding, the couple’s career went up. Sinatra got the Oscar for the film “From Here to Eternity ‘, and Gardner starred in the film” The Snows of Kilimanjaro “, which brought her worldwide fame. Actress cemented his success in 1953, playing Eloise Kelly in the film ‘Mogambo’. This role brought Ave love of the audience and the first nomination for an Oscar.
Despite the fact that the actress has played in about thirty films, successful roles in her career was not so much. After the success of ‘Mogambo’ Gardner appeared in the film ‘Barefoot Contessa’ (1954), ‘On the Beach’ (1959), ’55 days in Beijing “(1963), ‘Night of the Iguana’ (1964). In the late 50s, she emigrated to Europe and rarely appear on the screen.
Recent years
Frank Sinatra was the greatest love Ava Gardner, but to be happy with him and the actress could not. Loving Sinatra never missed a beautiful woman, and share it with other Ava did not want to. When the singer appeared extravagant life of Marilyn Monroe, Gardner broke down and went to Spain. She always loved this country – a bright, impulsive, with fiery dances. She was so similar to the actress herself.
In Spain, Gardner led the nightlife, and the day went to a bullfight with Hemingway. Once the actress said that she wants to fight with the bull. This reckless act nearly cost her her life. During the match kicked off Ava horse saddle and bull stabbed her on the cheek. It took several months to heal the wound and get rid of the scar.
In the mid-60s act

 Rice decided to move to London. She was tired of wild life in Madrid, and she began to look for solitude. According to her, London was the only place on earth where you can walk unnoticed. Ava is increasingly removed from the busy world and to communicate only with a small circle of friends. Among them was Frank Sinatra. Despite the fact that he had a wife and many mistresses, he always loved only Gardner.
In the 80s actress health deteriorated. She suffered two strokes, bringing remained bedridden. January 25, 1990 Ava Gardner died. In the last years of her life cared for three people: housekeeper Carmen Vargas, actor and close friend of Gregory Peck and Frank Sinatra.
When the actress once offered to play a rich but lonely woman, she said, indignant, said that so plays her whole life. Perhaps Ava Gardner was too beautiful for this world. So beautiful that and could not be happier.

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