Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas
Birthday: 10/08/1960 Year
Age: 54 years
Place of birth: Malaga, Spain

Citizenship: Spain
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 80 kg

Original name: Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas

This is a story about the son of the police and a teacher from the provincial city of Malaga in Andalusia, whose name in Spanish means “banners”, and his wife, who grew up without a father and knows a lot about a man’s treachery, whose name is consonant with the mythical griffin. And to put it simply – about cinema superstar Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. They are very different, although almost born on the same day, under the sign of Leo, She – 9th August, and it is the 10th. But the difference in three years. He’s younger, this August he was forty. In addition to acting fame, Banderas has a reputation superlyubovnika and conqueror of female hearts, although in recent years does nothing to maintain this reputation. What – it changed the essence of the classic macho? Or exemplary husband – just another convincingly play the role?
Junior Antonio always knew that he would be an actor and only an actor. At age 14, he took a job in the theater of the city of Malaga and gladly took on all the responsibilities behind the scenes – and working the scene and costume and make-up artist and illuminator. That’s just the stage he has not been able to get out. But and actresses, and spectators have admired his talent – talent lover. Already at 15 he parted with innocence. They say that first sexual experience was so-so, but then everything went like clockwork. Almost every evening handsome Antonio spent with a new girl. In Spain, this behavior is not only young men blasphemed, but on the contrary; Reliable sources say that my mother was proud of amorous conquests son.
However, Antonio won a victory not only for the love front. For twenty years, he graduated from the National School of Dramatic Art in Malaga and went to Madrid. But the dream of a professional stage was still a dream. Banderas worked as a waiter, salesman. And participated in experimental productions – free, for the sake of art. Faithfulness Melpomene attracted attention – he was accepted into the troupe of the National Theatre, where for six years, Antonio came to the forefront. But before acting successes faded glory lover – Antonio and Madrid had the reputation of a Don Juan unthinkable.
Marriage to a Spanish actress named Ana Leza has not changed that reputation, though Banderas is not running after every skirt. This is evidenced by at least an episode with singer Madonna, who always get those men who are wanted. But in the case of Banderas awaited her present fiasco. She saw Antonio when she arrived in Madrid on shooting the film “Madonna: Truth or Dare.” And so it “fuse” that in a movie about herself confided to the whole world about his feelings for Banderas. But most Banderas “divine” Madonna did not make any impression. Deciding to act straight, pop diva Banderas invited to dine in her room. He did not give up, but to the hotel to … Madonna appeared arm in arm with his wife Ana fishing line. Dinner was held in a tense atmosphere.
Meanwhile, Antonio and myself came first big success – his role in the cult Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, “Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown.” In 1989, the film was nominated for the film “Oscar.” And it was there that I first saw Antonio Melanie, still unaware that meeting it will change his life.
“It was my first visit to Hollywood – says Banderas. – Melanie in a white dress with pearls was beautiful and dazzling. I have these beautiful women have never seen. But I do about it even could not dream.”
And the truth is, she did not even look at him. While Antonio was married. Melanie – married to Hollywood ladies’ man and kicker Don Jones. After some time on the set of the film “Two – it’s too,” Melanie and Antonio were partners. The first of their dialogue had been crumpled. Antonio, forgetting all chivalry (apparently with excitement), Melanie asked a question about her age. “Fuck you!” – Melanie said with her usual directness (even then she did not like when she was reminded of the age). But from that exclamation began one of the most celebrated novels of Hollywood.
Very soon Banderas left Anu (after eight years of marriage), and went to Melanie. Do resigned passionate Spaniard Ana with this situation? Of course not! She made a terrible scandal in the hotel room Banderas – with the smashing of crockery, throwing furniture and personal belongings corruption Antonio. Moreover, all happened in front of taken aback Sylvester Stallone – then partner Banderas in the film “Killer”.
By the end of Dona Ana angry poured on the head of Antonio pitcher of sangria and went to smash number Melanie. But the precaution was locked.
Wrath of the abandoned wife could understand, because Ana believed that it was she who brought Banderas in people. She abandoned her acting career for the sake of his success. She became his agent, secretary and image-maker – she picked him clothes, spoiled his fine Andalusian self-made dishes. And now, after all this, he traded it for “redhead Yankees”, and with two children by different men!
In Spain, Anu considered folk hero-sufferer and massively condemned traitor Banderas. Long enough Ana did not want to give him a divorce. However, only as long as the fugitive husband did not increase the amount of compensation to nearly three hundred thousand dollars a year. Ana tried to blame him for the fact that he beat her, however, unfounded. All this Banderas meekly replied: “I wish all the best for Ana. I do not think that ruined her life, as she thinks. I have nothing to talk to her. I never hurt her, because no one at all in my life have I offended . This was confirmed by all who know me! When everything settled down, I think, Ana realizes that I was her good friend. ” In general, not macho, and pure angel!
Soon Antonio and Melanie had a daughter Stella. She is now three years old, and her father says, “Melanie – a wonderful mother, a great lover and a wonderful woman. I love her.”
But everything is rosy in the star family? Probably, their marriage would be happier if it were not pathological suspicion and grumpy character Melanie. One of the scenes of jealousy, which Melanie arranged Banderas on the set of the movie “The Mask of Zorro”, recorded a vile sound engineers – so the couple yelling at each other in the cast Banderas trailer that they could be heard all around. Record scandal hit the press. And the reason for jealousy became partner Banderas in the film – a young charming Mexican Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Does the wife of Antonio? The answer to this question is looking for reporters and paparazzi all the tabloid world. Looking and can not find. But far worse than that to catch Antonio treason tries to Melanie herself, poisoning this life for themselves and him. What she really needed this first wife handsome world! Why it produces itself? At one time, Melanie overly fascinated by alcohol and drugs, and Antonio had to work hard to make it back to normal. Another “fad” Melanie – a permanent change their appearance. One attempt reincarnation almost ended tragically. In breast Melanie did not take root silicone inserts, and she in any did not want to remove them, and it came to the intensive care unit. Then press began to repeat: “Melanie goes to great lengths to please Banderas.”
But the Antonio rejects these accusations: “I do not want to change it, I accept it for what it is. I want to help her, I want to give her all the love, which is capable of. If I succeed, I will feel happy. And if I can not make her happy – I gather things and go. ”
Again, this does not fit with the way too cruel destroyer of female hearts. Antonio – not macho. His character is contrary to its appearance and the essence of his screen characters. He is kind and is capable of true love. He really makes for Melanie everything in his power. For example, he takes up the production of the film to shoot his wife in the title role. By the way, his first directorial work – comedy “Madman in Alabama” with Melanie Griffith – received the prestigious European Film Academy. They now have a joint film production company. Banderas says that created it in order to reveal the talent and beauty Melanie, because Hollywood does not give her a decent roles.
He gave into the hands of Melanie everything to do with their life. She alone knows arrangement gnezdyshek family (and there Banderas Griffith with two). In Los Angeles, they are surrounded by the Spanish atmosphere, Melanie recreated in a huge old mansion. The second house is located in Marbella, on the beach, there is no particular style – a comfortable summer villa. So decided to Melanie and Banderas from all its austere ecstatic. Just like him, as in clothes that Melanie loved hubby – he-he hates shopping, dressing and all that! But he takes on Antonio favorite shoes – wooden clogs. Somehow, they seem to him comfortable, so he buys these “pieces of wood” whole boxes. May be, in which case, loud stomping on his wife, he does not seem himself henpecked? ..
We are accustomed to Showdown in Hollywood families to permanently alter the vicious passions and movie stars, their squabbles over money and property. But it seems Banderas – really not like that. He walks through life under the banner, on which were written by his knightly motto generosity, loyalty and honor.

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