Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn
Birthday: 04/21/1915 Year
Age: 99 years
Place of birth: Chihuahua, Mexico

Nationality: Mexico
Height: 185 cm

There are actors whose fame flashes like fireworks – instantly and bright. Others go to her for decades, almost desperate to catch this capricious lady. And it is not always a matter of talent or happy event, although it certainly does matter.

Most often helps to work – incessant, stubborn, persistent – and a meeting with the director, master of his craft. These include the second and Anthony Quinn, who achieved success and international recognition of only two decades after the arrival of the cinema.
However, for such a long hitch were objective reasons. Born in Mexico in the Mexican-Irish family, he was 12 years old did not speak in English. Naturally, the emphasis was that all life prevented him from playing purebred Anglo-Saxons. And in the exterior of a tall, broad-shouldered man with bushy eyebrows over the eastern section under the eyes swollen eyelids and a square jaw was something darkly threatening, and it immediately condemned it to the role of bullies, villains or representatives of various “national minorities”. In fact, Anthony – kind, generous, loyal to friends, though hot-tempered. His undoubted artistic flair: he paints, cuts sculpture in stone, the master all kinds of crafts. But all this became known only when the fame came, and before that for many years by the day of acting work without any hope of recognition.
Although Quinn began working in film is very promising. When he made his debut in 1936 in the role of a gangster in “Password”, his shoulders were already training in drama school, working in the theater “At the gate,” where Anthony has successfully acted in the play “The Lower Depths” and “Clean bed” – about rooming house manners. During the shooting of the fourth film, “The people of the plains” (1937), where he played an Indian, an acquaintance with the adopted daughter of director Cecil DeMille – Catherine, also an actress. In the same year she became his wife. But Quinn did not allow myself to take advantage of family ties, and reached out a long series of minor roles. Again and again he portrayed the Redskins (“Buffalo Bill”, 1944; “Where shall we go?”, 1945; “Black Gold” in 1947, where the only time co-starred with his wife together, “Seminole”, 1953 et al.), Was a Spaniard in “Last Train from Madrid” (1937), Filipinos in the “return to Bataan” (1945), the Chinese in the “China Sky” (1945) and so on.
Forward was not observed, although the actor has repeatedly drawn the attention of the audience. For example, in “Incident at Oxbow” (1943), where the Queen played impressively Mexican, hardly speaking in English, which has become one of the three innocent victims of lynching. His temperamental tango with Rita Hayworth in the film “Blood and Sand” (1941) showed that he could play the role of R. Valentino, but he lacked the sweetness of the favorite ladies. Desperate to get to the premiers in movie Queen in 1947 went to Broadway. In the famous play by E. Kazan’s “A Streetcar Named” Desire “, he played Stanley Kowalski in place with Marlon Brando and, according to experts, was not only worse, but time and authentic pet theater audience.
No wonder that Kazan invited Quinn to the role Eufemio – greedy and cunning hero brother – in “Viva Zapata!” (1952). How much the director managed to bring together the different manners of their two games Kowalski, but Anthony was waiting here for the first time a real success on the screen, he received the “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actor. The following year saw him again when the actor showed great evil Mexican bandit in “Ride, Vaquero!”. That same spring he was invited to Italy, where for 11 months Quinn starred in five films, including playing and Antinous in “Ulysses” (1954, in our box office – “The Wanderings of Odysseus”), and in “Cavalleria Rusticana” (1953) even sang Alfio.
During the filming of “Prohibition of Women” (1953), Anthony met with George. Masina, who played one of the prostitutes. She introduced her husband actor – Federico Fellini. That same evening, the director gave him the script, “The Road” (1954, in our box office – “They roamed the roads”). In his gloomy, angry strongman Zampano, tearing into a circus attraction breast iron chains, as it merged all those bullies and villains, many of which beat Queen. But here – under the guidance of the Master – he was able to show the evolution of his character, the awakening of human beast. Just lost his companion, day and night slave consoler, imbecilic Dzhelsominu (J-Mazin), he realized the price of love and devotion, to realize the full horror of his unbearable loneliness. Finally come true recognition – an instant and universal, immediately made an actor the size of the international class.
Two years later, Quinn got another “Oscar” – for his role as Paul Gauguin in “Lust for Life” Vincente Minnelli – biopic about Van Gogh. And although the actor was here on the screen just six minutes, the image turned out so convincing in his love of life that the film’s title may well be attributed to him. Now, good luck followed one after another. In the same 1956, he brilliantly played Quasimodo in the French film by Jean Delannoy, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and familiar to us. This classic character Hugo turned his less monstrous than that of L. Cheney in 1923, and more deplorable than that of Charles Laughton in 1940. Even more memorable Mountain Rivera and having kept the film on our screens Ralph Nelson “Requiem for a Heavyweight” (1962). The image of an old boxer, who worked 17 years in the ring, and now forced to leave it (otherwise – go blind!), The actor revealed surprisingly natural pride defeated, lost everything, but keep the dignity of man.
Finally, the highest success – “Zorba the Greek” Michalis Kakoyanisa (1965). Quinn managed to pass as if the hero and his infinite patience and his humanism and his hedonism. This piece of the sun in human form became visible personification of the people’s power and energy. Execution of them in the final of the Greek dance Sirtaki impossible to forget, because it expresses the very essence of this nature zhiznelyubtsa, like Antaeus, draws its strength from contact with the ground. It is not surprising that, although after this masterpiece Quinn starred in nearly forty films, such high-level actor has never achieved.
In the same 1965, Anthony divorced Catherine after 27 years of marriage (four children have grown, too, have become film actors) and married the Italian Addolori Iolanthe, who bore him three sons.
In 1958, Queen only once acted as director, making a remake of his father “Pirate”, but without success. In 1973 published a book of memoirs “original sin”?
Filmography: “arch-enemy”, 1936; “Night Waitress”, 1936; “Wedding in Waikiki”, 1937; “Ups and Downs”, 1937; “Partner in crime”, 1937; “Daughter of Shanghai”, 1937; “Pirate”, 1937; “Know – dangerous,” 1938; “Navodchitsy”, 1938; “Hunted”, 1938; “Bulldog Drum Monde in Africa”, 1938; “King of Alcatraz”, 1938; “King of Chinatown”, 1939; “Union Pacific”, 1939; “Island of Lost People”, 1939; “TV spy”, 1939; “Emergency Squad”, 1940; “Parole Fixer”, 1940; “Road to Singapore”, 1940; “Banishing ghosts”, 1940; “The city that you want to win”, 1940; “The Texas Rangers are back in the saddle”, 1940; “Knockout”, 1941; “Thieves are defeated,” 1941; “They died in office”, 1942; “Fraud and Co”, 1942; “Road to Morocco”, 1942; “Black Swan”, 1942; “Gvadal-kanalsky Diary”, 1943; “Washington ladies’, 1944; “Roger Thuy, gangster”, 1944; “Smiling Irish Eyes”, 1944; “Sinbad the Sailor”, 1947; “California”, 1947; “Lady, far from perfect”, 1947; “Tycoon”, 1947; “Brave Bulls”, 1951; “Mask of the Avenger,” 1951; “Rogue”, 1952; “The World in His Arms”, 1952; “Against all enemies”, 1952; “East of Sumatra”, 1953; “How wild beasts”, 1953; “The long wait”, 1954; “Attila”, 1954; “Magnificent Matador”, 1955; “The Naked Street”, 1955; “Seven Cities of Gold”, 1955; “The Man from Del Rio”, 1956; “Wild parties”, 1956; “Riverside”, 1957; “The Return”, 1957; “Hurricane”, 1957; “The hot season”, 1958; “The Black Dahlia”, 1959; “Warlock”, 1959; “Last Train from Gun Hill”, 1959; “White Shadows», I960; “Devil in a pink leotard», I960; “Portrait in Black”, 1960; “Guns of Navarone”, 1961; “Barrabas”, 1961; “Lawrence of Arabia”, 1962; “Rancor”, 1964; “Beware – that horse Bled”, 1964; “Fabulous Adventure Marco Polo”, 1965; “Hurricane over Jamaica,” 1965; “Lost Team”, 1966; “Incident”, 1967; “25th Hour”, 1967; “Adventurer”, 1967; “The Battle of San Sebastian”, 1968; “The Shoes of the Fisherman”, 1968; “Magician”, 1968; “The Secret of Santa Vittoria”, 1969; “Dream of Kings”, 1969; “Walking in the spring rain,” 1970; “The revolution per minute,” 1970; “Flapped”, 1970; t / f “City”, 1971; “On the other side of 110th Street,” 1972; “The Don Is Dead”, 1973; “Marseille Contract”, 1974; “Bluff, history of deception and fraud” (we – “Bluff”), 1976; “Legacy Ferramonti”, 1976, “Tigers Do not Cry”, 1976; t / f “Jesus of Nazareth”, 1977; “The Greek Tycoon”, 1978; “Caravan”, 1978; “Children of Sanchez”, 1978;

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