Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins
Birthday: 04/04/1932 Year
Place of Birth: New York, United States
Date of Death: 09/12/1992 Year
Nationality: United States

In American cinema, which always dominated the courageous, confident, victorious men, heroes Anthony Perkins feel outsiders.

In this fragile, delicate, shy young man with a thin neck, a nervous face and soft voice was something that makes people patronizing attitude. I wanted to feel sorry for him, to caress, to learn to stand on their feet in this merciless to the weak life. No wonder the beginning of his work in the film, the way in which, for the son of a famous actor Osgood Perkins was not hard, he appeared mostly in “female” Director: George Cukor and William Wyler (“Actress”, 1953, “Friendly Persuasion”, 1956 , the prize “Golden Globe” as the most promising debutant). Features of the external appearance and character actor brilliantly used the Anthony Mann western, “The Tin Star” (1957). Sheriff Ben Owen – young guy, just took office a green rookie who knows nothing and nothing is able. This – rather unconventional genre – hero to for pictures not only learn how to shoot accurately, but also to grasp a basic truth: to fight evil can only clean hands, avoiding unjustified violence.
A year later, as we have known film Delbert Mann’s “Desire Under the Elms” (based on the play by Eugene 0’Nila) playing Ebina Cabot, Perkins appeared in a completely different incarnation – ardent lover. In this hymn of love, greed bandwagon, clearly demonstrated rapid temperament actor, especially against the backdrop of the former gentleness of his heroes. The motif of sacrifice, sounding distinctly in the final picture when Ebina willing to share with the woman responsible for a crime he did not commit, is present in the film “On the Beach” by S. Kramer (1959). Peter Holmes – the head of a young family – wife gives deadly pills and breast son to save them from a painful death, and then swallows one himself Heroes Perkins in the 50s, as a rule, romance and dreamers who live in a world where such people There is no place. The only thing that they can oppose the brutality and chaos of reality around them – a dignity, sincerity of feelings, emotional subtlety. These qualities are equally characteristic of youth and religious pacifists of “Friendly Persuasion” and uncouth farmer in “Love Under the Elms,” and a brilliant naval lieutenant in the film “On the Beach.” It is this already generated image, A. Hitchcock turned inside out in one of his best films – “Psycho” (1960). Directed skillfully used the contrast between the likable actor looks intelligent and pathological passion, which owns its character – Norman Bates. Raised power-loving mother, who instilled in him the hatred of women, he experiencing a split personality, as if it gets to commit a series of murders. Hit the final picture. Exposed and caught the killer sits huddled in an empty ward of a white wall. When he begins to speak, the audience can hear a thin, shrill, truly feminine voice, quite unlike the one – a low, velvety, usually characteristic of the actor. Reincarnation zavershilos- This role – the highest achievement Perkins – brought him international fame. He won 14 Film Festival in Cannes for the expressive image of the young lover of an aging protagonist (Ingrid Bergman) in the film adaptation of the novel by Francoise Sagan “Goodbye Again” (“Again, good-bye,” A. Litvak, 1961). Alexis played in “Phaedra” by J. Dassin (1962). Played the role of the hero in the “process” of Kafka, filmed Orson Welles (1962). The combination of these two, such complex literary and cinematic incarnations, leaving no room for acting. Joseph K. lost against the background of unusual scenery, dark streets and bureaucratic interiors, not manifesting itself. It was the aim of the author and director, but the Executive did not decorate. In addition, after the failure of the paintings in the United States beginning with the leadership of Hollywood wary of this “intellectual” actor, too complicated for the average viewer.
The flowering Perkins was short-lived. He remained in the early sixties, in the next three decades, only repeating already made. Moreover, the most frequently used psychopathological motif of his work, which began Hitchcock. The actor starred in two sequels to this success: “Psycho II» Richard Franklin (1983) and “Psycho III» (1986), where he made his debut as a director. But both films in any comparison with Hitchcock did not go. Played Hector MacQueen – Secretary-criminal – as we have known “Murder on the Orient Express” Sidney Lumet (1974), based on the novel by A. Christie, a mad priest-killer in “crimes of passion” Ken Russell (1984), two different incarnation of the hero in “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde “(1989). He did not hesitate and roles of vampires. For example, in the television movie “Daughter of Darkness” (1990). In 1973, Anthony married photographer Berintii Berenson, also became a movie actress. In 1987 he fell ill with AIDS, from which he died five years later.
Filmography: “The fight against terror”, 1957; “Lonely Man”, 1957; “The dam in the Pacific,” 1957; “Matchmaker”, 1958; “Green Mansions”, 1959; “The incredible story», I960; “Sword and Scales”, 1962; “Knife wound”, 1962; “A delightful idiot”, 1964; “Killer-fool.” 1965; “Is Paris burning?”, 1966; “Killers of Champagne”, t / f “Scandal”, 1967; “Charming poison”, 1968; “Catch-22”, 1970; t / f “How terrible that happened to Allan.” 1970; “USA”, 1970; “Someone is behind the door,” FR-It., 1971; “The extraordinary decade of” FR-It., 1971; “Play as it is written,” 1972; “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Wine”, 1972; “Lovin ‘Molly’, 1974; Mahogany, “1975; t / f “first cry”, 1978; t / f “Les Miserables”, 1978; “Remember My Name”, 1979; “Winter murder”, 1979; “Two Women”, 1979; “Black Hole”, 1979; “The spectacle of horror,” 1980; “The Rape of the North Sea”, 1980; “Double Negative”, Canada, 1980; t / f “Sins of Dorian Gray”, 1983; t / f “Dashing guys”, 1984; t / f “Napoleon and Josephine – History of Love”, 1987; “Destroyer”, 1988.

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