The main food anteaters up ants, in fact, because of this they got their name. In anteater elongated body with a very long snout and a long tail, which is a good half of the body. Mouth anteater is very narrow, long tongue, like a worm, and seated many small spikes. Only because of its language anteater fend for themselves.
He usually does it this way: strong forepaws destroys ant or termite mound, and then launches into a long tongue. Ants stick to it, and the animal draws language. In anteater has no teeth, or rather, next to the stomach it has a horny growths that it frays food. Snatching food, anteater, apparently relies on the sense of smell, because he has a very poorly developed vision and hearing.
By the nature of anteaters are very calm and good-natured animals. Especially anteaters iurumi and tamandua. They are willing to allow themselves to iron and do not mind playing with friends. However, anteater in the game can be somewhat carried away, stand on its hind legs and start handing out left and right quick bounces. Given that the length of his clutches reaches five centimeters, the game can end in hospital bed for a person.
Some anteaters, such as the two-toed anteater tamandua and live in trees. Tamandua in length up to one meter, 40 centimeters tail accounts serving device for climbing. This anteater eats mainly arboreal ants. He dwells in the forests of Paraguay and Brazil.
Two-toed anteater quite small, no more proteins. Its total length is 40 inches, 18 of which accounted for the tail. He eats ants, termites and wasps. Leads primarily nocturnal, sleeping during the day and on the branches of trees.
Indians often hunt anteaters because of their meat, which tastes like a goose. Only Aardvark tamandua lucky. He publishes a nasty musky smell and because of this is not suitable for human consumption.

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