To go to this film I had the only two arguments – James Wan. Yes, we can say that he made not so much into this project, but nevertheless, it is possible to say that I was led to this move. But I knew what I was going. This van. And second, the composer Joseph Bishara. I had to do was remember the very first “Astral” to understand that the music from one run to the body trembling.

Well, okay, now is not it. I rarely go to the horrors of the cinema. More specifically, it was the first time (“Deliver us from evil” do not believe the horrors, although in many respects it and positioned). So with even more excitement came to this film.

But before the main ‘reviews here that I want to note: now all very meticulously and painstakingly belong to the genre of horror. There stamp, stamp it, then some “boo-moments” and nothing new, I never feared what is generally removed and so on. This is what I think:

Firstly, I hardly believe that sitting in a movie theater during the good of the “boo-moment” you were sitting with the face of the Sphinx. Second, despite the fact that every movie has stamps, and, in fact, hard to avoid these very stamps try to beat somehow special. Perhaps fun with the camera; maybe add music; may change the atmosphere. Why am I all: do not be so closely related to the genre. Just because it is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult genres in the film industry.

Now about the movie. Has a family waiting child. There is a house in which they live. Appears doll, which was not sufficient for the collection of the protagonist – Mia. But then misfortune: their neighbors attacked two crazy person – a girl and a guy. A moment later, they find themselves in the house of the main characters. From this, then everything begins. Blood gets on this crazy doll. That same doll, called Annabelle …

Knocks, scratches, rocking chairs, strange sounds – yes, stamps. But I personally think that these points are well served. Yes, I felt it was about and someone from somewhere must get out. And he (it, she) climbs. But goose were all over his body. And that’s a fact. Very pleased with the work of the operator in the sense that were used some “sliding” camera / plans (do not know exactly how to speak). In moments of tension, forcing the atmosphere, the camera does not just sort of stood there, then closer, then broke away and was in the dynamics. In general, after watching this film, you will understand what I mean.

With regards to the game actors, then again I do not understand why all so they attacked. Annabelle Wallis – she’s Mia. Excellent, high quality. In the midst of paranormal activity played a very truthfully, I believed her and worried her. Very good game. Actually, the other characters were not as noticeable in principle on the film. Husband, as expected, caring and always experiencing person. Besides, who became a father.

Now the fun part: pugalki / Screamer / boo-moments.

No comment! Very cool all filed. Like waiting, waiting, and nothing happens. But nerves are stretched to the limit. Like nothing’s going to happen, but from the hand of the devil’s dark enough. In general, here claims I have absolutely no. Here it seemed to me that Wang did put a hand to this film.

Overall, the picture is very good quality. In the sense that all that is needed there is a horror film: the atmosphere, Screamer / boo-moments, the work of the operator (!!!), the audio portion! There are, of course, and cons. Still a little damp scenario, crude incomprehensible ending. Could be further developed. Nevertheless, liked the movie. A couple of things I had enough to be scared to the max, many points remained in the memory. So those who want to see the new horror film, but the old ones are worn out, you can safely purchase tickets for this tape, and go to the nearest cinema.

P.S. Someone said that this film in no way associated with the most “utterly destroyed”. Disagree fundamentally. For this film, and is designed to tell you what happened to that damn doll Annabelle. And after watching this movie for yourself to find out who was rocking in a rocking chair, holding Annabelle on her knees in the movie “The Spell”.

Now I write, I remember, and again a shiver through the body. Just something from one of memories …

the slogan “Before” spell “was”
directed by John R. Leonetti
Gary script Doberman
producer Peter Safran, James Wang, Jenny Hinkey …
operator James Knist
composer Joseph Bishara
artist Bob Zimbitski, Douglas Cumming, Janet Ingram, …
Installation Tom Elkins
genre of horror, words …
$ 6,500,000
charges in the US
$ 84,273,813
fees in the world
$ + = 168 400 000 $ 252 673 813


Annabelle Wallis
Ward Horton
Alfre Woodard
Tony Amendola
Eric Ladin
Kerry O’Malley
Brian Howe
Ivar Brogger
Geoff Uener
Gabriel Bateman

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