Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis
Birthday: 04/20/1964 Year
Age: 50 years
Place of birth: Ruislip Manor, West London, UK

Nationality: British

He – one of those who are called “invisible actor.” His voice is not impossible to know – that the voice of Andy Serkis Gollum in “The Lord of the Rings”, with him also was “made” and the entire appearance of being. His voice growled King Kong, and while he did the voice of “The Simpsons.”

Andy Serkis was born in 1964 in Ruislip Manor, West London. His father – a doctor, and his mother – therapist. Andy stretches from childhood creativity, engaged in painting, dreaming of becoming an artist. At Lancaster University, and he begins to study painting after graduation; there he awakens his interest in the theater. After graduation, he plays in the Theatre Lancaster “Dukes”. Andy a lot of acting, he worked almost all known English theater, and among his works – large and very serious role in “King Lear,” “Othello,” “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Macbeth,” “Faust “. Perhaps even the wildest dreams of many actors on reaches the heights on which managed to visit Andy Serkis. He is not less fortunate and on television. In 1987, he started in a very small role in the television series, and in the 1990s, has played leading roles in television movies. The first work in the “cinema” was for Andy Serkis in 1993, a role in the film “Grushko” should go to the role of “careerists” (1997), “Among Giants” (1998), “Pandemonium” (2000), “Billi- Fingal “(2000),” The Avengers “(2001). He noted in the television movies – “Oliver Twist” (1999) and “Arabian Adventure” (2000).
However, frank and open for spectators was the work of his most famous role – the role of Gollum from the trilogy, Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” (2001-2003). Although, actually, Andy Serkis viewers never saw – acting in close cooperation with a team of special effects, wearing a special suit hung with sensors, he only “gave” their plastic and voice the hero of the film. After processing the movements and facial expressions of the actor in the history of cinema there was one of the most realistic characters created by computer. All the 18 months it took for location filming, Serkis spent next to his character in New Zealand and was busy in all the scenes where there should be Gollum. His performance so impressed the director, that while working on the computer effects Gollum tried to do as much as possible like the actor.
2005 “presented” by Andy Serkis, “King Kong” – a new remake of the famous “King Kong” in 1933 by director Peter Jackson. Of course, Jackson could not think of another King Kong – they can only be Serkis! Andy Serkis studied the behavior of gorillas in Africa in the period leading up to the execution of the role. In this film, he “gave” his voice is not only King Kong, but another character – Lumpy the cook.
His acting work includes more than fifty roles, among the recently become a role in the movie “The Prestige”, “Stormbreaker”, “Muybridge” and others. In 2008 he was nominated for the award “Golden Globe” for his role in the miniseries «Longford».
Andy Serkis – winner of the “Saturn” for “Actor” in “The Lord of the Rings.” And his character Gollum was awarded the MTV film awards in the category of “best virtual character.”
Andy Serkis is married to Lorraine Ashbourne, in their family of three children.

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