Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands and the largest city of the country, located in the north of the state at the mouth of the rivers IJ and Amstel. Its population is about 800 thousand. People, of which only 40% – the indigenous inhabitants, and 60% – immigrants. At the suburban villages included in the Amsterdam metropolitan area Randstad, which occupies the largest 6 in Europe. The city is the cultural, financial and business center of the state. Here are the headquarters of the world’s largest companies, headquartered Greenpeace and the oldest in the world stock exchange.
Description of the city
City bridges, tulips and free love

Amsterdam for centuries been famous for its hospitality and magnificent architecture. There are more than 90 channels with fresh water, which is spanned by more than 1,000 bridges. At night, they light up millions of small colored lanterns, from which the city gets unique fabulous views.
Since the entire territory of the city is situated on marshy land, building enormous skyscrapers and wide highways it is simply impossible, but it did not reduce the tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Cobbled narrow streets with huge beds of tulips, the old buildings on the high beams and an abundance of parks create a unique atmosphere of comfort, friendliness and romanticism.
In general, the capital of the Netherlands can be described as a mixture of all ultra-cautious with the medieval. Here the old balustrades harmonize with mirrored facades of buildings, museums are located on the same street with fashion boutiques, cafes and minimalist sell strong beer made according to the recipes of ancient monks.
The city has always been and remains one of the most tolerant in Europe. The so-called “coffee shops” can legally smoke marijuana on the streets of the quarter and “Red Light” display in the windows to see prostitutes. By the way, visiting the famous quarter it is considered a “highlight” of the tourist trips to Amsterdam. Naturally, the city has a traditional attractions: museums, art galleries, churches, parks, gardens and many monuments.

Amsterdam – the financial capital and jewelery paradise

The city is one of the first places in Europe by the number of corporations and banks. The leading industries are considered engineering, oil refining, aircraft and cut gemstones. Diamond Factory – is not only a source of income to the state treasury, but also a local landmark. Anyone can visit the small exhibition hall at the factory, and even see directly the process of cutting stones.
In Amsterdam there are many light industry factories, which provide half-turn the sector in the state. Food Production specializes in the processing of coffee, potatoes and brewing. Many manufactured goods are exported to other countries. Considerable revenue to the treasury brings local port, designed for fast processing of bulk.
The village is two fishermen

There are no written references to Amsterdam before 1275 have survived, but among indigenous people is a legend on its base. It is told that long ago two friends, a fisherman with his faithful dog caught in a violent storm. Battling against the elements, they survived, but their boat washed up on a deserted beach, where the river Amstel flows into a quiet bay Zuider Zee. Friends have no choice but to build a hut and continue life.
Soon they were joined by their wives and relatives. To protect your village from the raging river, residents erected a dam. The new settlement was named Amsteledame that meant – the dam on the Amstel. But Amsterdam was the only capital city in 1814 – at that time the city was already one of the largest in Europe, behind leaders such as Paris or London.

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