Alec Guinness

Alec Guinness
Birthday: 04/02/1914 Year
Age: 86 years
Place of Birth: London, UK
Date of Death: 05/08/2000 Year
Place of death: County of West Sussex, United Kingdom

Nationality: British
Height: 178 cm

Curriculum Vitae
Alec Guinness began her acting career in 1934 in the movie began filming in 1946 – in the film adaptation of “Great Expectations” Dickens. For his role in the movie “Bridge on the River Kwai” (1957) won the “Oscar”. One of his most famous works was the role of Obi Wan Kenobi in the fourth episode of “Star Wars.” Received a knighthood in 1959 for achievements in theater and film.

Alec Guinness was born April 2, 1914 in London. Growing up without a father and with complete indifference on the part of the mother at an early age, he was faced with the challenge of finding their own identity. Painfully shy and timid by nature boy all the time trying to turn into someone else with the help of external imitation and copying will conduct, liked to go for a stranger, imitating their characteristic gait and gestures.
Way to Guinness acting career lay not smooth. At age 18 he went to work in an advertising agency editor and only two years later managed to get scholarships to study in acting school Fay Compton. In 1934, he was in the company of John Gielgud, received a three-minute access to one of the performances. Gielgud noticed him and offered a more significant role. In 1937, Guinness moved to Lawrence Olivier Theatre in London “Old Vic”, where he played Hamlet neurotic in the famous formulation that uses modern suits, and immediately gained popularity. Soon he priobretel reputation as an intellectual actor, having a high technology transformation and a penchant for satirical sharpness in comic roles.
In 1941, Guinness was drafted into the Navy sailor, but the war ended, rising to the rank of officer. Except for a tiny episode in the movie 1934 “Evening Prayer”, a truly notable screen role Guinness first appeared in 1946. It was stylistically flawless film adaptation of “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, taken by David Lin. Young dandy Herbert Pocket, played Guinness opened a series of eccentric characters cinematic actor. Next came the master thieves “raspberry” Fagin in another Dickens adaptation of David Lean – “Oliver Twist” (1948). Sinister Fagin was built entirely in Dickensian using an external grotesque incredibly hooked nose, exaggerated gestures, emphasized demonic laughter. This love of ekstsentriade was misunderstood in America, where the film was banned because of alleged anti-Semitism.
In line character actor Guinness finally confirmed in a comedy by Robert Hamer’s “Kind Hearts and Coronets” (1949). Guinness played in this film eight members of the family of the Dukes of D’Askoyn (including one lady), from which the protagonist turns on the way to getting rid of titles and wealth. After this gallery of satirical portraits of British aristkratov critics began to call Guinness “kinohameleonom” and “whole troupe in one person.” In eccentric comedy studio “Ealing”, which determined the face of English cinema early 50’s, Guinness appeared, usually starring losers suddenly ascended destiny and it is then overthrown (“The Man in the White Suit”, 1952, dir. A. McKendrick, “lady Killer”, 1955, dir. A. McKendrick).
Despite the overall figure grotesque comic roles Guinness in each of his characters, he tried to see some individual beginning, did not immediately distinguishable for ridiculous escapades, but firmly opposed to universal conformism. Fantastic love of art lives in his drunken bohemian painter Gully Jimson (“The Horse’s Mouth”, 1958, scenes. A. Guinness on the novel by James. Carey, dir. R., bonuses XIX International Film Festival in Venice), and a similar passion for creative work in English and flawless execution of professional duty, looking somewhat out of place in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, the military forces of Colonel Nicholson builder to build a bridge for the enemy forces of the same, as he concluded (“The Bridge on the River Kwai”, 1957, dir. J. Lin). Received for this role in 1958, Academy Award (“Oscar”), the British Academy, the New York critics, as well as the “Golden Globes” (Foreign Press), Guinness becomes a star international scale. He mainly played supporting roles requiring “convex” characteristics. Thanks to the ability to completely transform an actor, he is often invited to the role of historically characters from kings Faisal (“Lawrence of Arabia”, 1962, dir. J. Lin) and Charles I (“Cromwell”, 1970, dir. K. Hughes) to Hitler (“Hitler: The Last Ten Days”, 1973, dir. E. de Concini).
Wide popularity among the mass audience has brought the role of Guinness Obi “Wan” Kenobi, the wise mentor of the hero of “Star Wars” (1977, dir. J. Lucas). Shortly thereafter, he attracted the attention of the British television audience in intricate spy series scripted Le Carre “Shoemaker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” (1979) and “People Smiley” (1982), in which he played the super spy George Smiley. Return to Dickens marked for Guinness 80s. In the last six hours on the television screen adaptations “Little Dorrit” (1987, dir. K. Edzard), he played the weak and vain William Dorrit, the father of the heroine, earning the same praise as those critics who were dissatisfied with the excessive duration is divided into two large parts of the film, so and those who considered the work of a young woman, the director of one of the best adaptations of the great classics.
In 1938, Guinness met with the actress Merula Salaman, but from the natural shyness explained from her only two years and then married. In this marriage he was born the only son Matthew. In 1959, Guinness was elevated to the dignity of knighthood. In 1980 he received a special award “Oscar” for artistic achievement throughout their acting career. The famous English critic Kenneth Tyne said of Guinness: “Olivier … to open safes, which represents a role, using a blowtorch, a crowbar and dynamite; Guinness – a thief in the night, a humble craftsman Houdini, who knows the combination of the cipher.”

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