Al Pacino

Alfredo James Pacino
Prominent Hollywood actor, film director, screenwriter and producer.

Born April 25, 1940 in the South Bronx, New York, USA.
Pacino’s grandparents came from Corleone (Sicily). Father Salvatore Alfio (1922-2005) and his mother Rose Gerard (died in 1962) were married in 1939, and in 1942, when their son was his only two years, they divorced.
At 17, he was expelled from the Manhattan Graduate School of Performing Arts, but continued to study drama, first in the studio Herbert Berghof and then to the famed Actors Studio (headed by US actor and director Lee Strasberg), working where necessary to and playing off-Broadway productions in .

No matter how trite phrase “the next morning woke up famous,” she suggests it, if we talk about how fame came to Pacino. In 1972, director Francis Coppola invited to one of the two main roles in the movie “The Godfather” of this little-known theater actor. In the right choice doubted executives of the company “Paramount”, expressed concern specialists tastes of the public. “Nekrasov and neprezentabelen” – they said. But the director insisted. And he was right.
Michael – the youngest son of the head of one of the clans of the New York Mafia Vito Corleone – a man with a university education, kind-hearted, kind, honest young man, at the end of the picture is not only cruel, insidious, imaginatively destroy all your opponents and become the “godfather” – leader of a clan – but turns into a thrifty liar, what eludes whatever emotions.
Filming has shown that short, dark-eyed, dark-haired, typical Italian – not only talented, but also very purposeful, obsessed with the case. His natural restraint gave way suddenly stormy outbursts of temperament in key scenes, which gave the figure role severity and unpredictability. He brought to the screen sharpness of plastics and unusual system behavior. Everything is immediately pushed Pacino in the first row of the masters of American cinema.

And before that there were many years of work. And while many of its role that period were marked by honorary awards, nor glory, nor riches stage career he has not brought. In contrast to the theater for playing movie Pacino has not received premiums, although in the 70s four times nominated for “Oscar”. But his simple tastes for comfort and the fee for the “Godfather” allowed to gain independence, and to the choice of roles he sought all these years on stage before his cinematic debut.

Pacino has rejected more offers than many actors get in a lifetime. This explains why for more than nineteen years-screen work, he played only seventeen roles. Gradually began to emerge and the range of their preferred images. As a rule, in the 70 years they were outcasts of society or people voluntarily beyond its borders. The former include the addict of “Panic in Niddlparke” (1971), which, in fact, began his work in the film; released from prison inmate to “scarecrow” (1973); a former soldier who became a raider “nasty half-day day” (1975). The second – the role of “the other side of the law”: lawyer familiar to us from the film “And Justice for All” (1979) and the police of “Serpico” (1973). In the latter role Pacino is simply amazing. Sparingly, never pinch, it shows the transformation of his character. Initially, this – a naive idealist, brought up on novels and films about the valiant police, truly believes in the utility and necessity of their activities. In the end – a broken, cornered, or does not believe in anything and just afraid of people.

Pacino teacher Lee Strasberg once correctly noted that he – not the actor representations, and experiences that not only plays his characters, as becomes them. But it was the emotional aspect of the life of this actor does not give enough material for an image romantically inclined or encumbered life of people. He – a man without a family, living a reclusive, letting into your home and into your soul a few. This is his personal human quality undoubtedly affected in the pictures “Bobby Deerfield” (1977) and “Author! Author!” (1982), where in the first case – freestyle adaptation of EM Remarque “Borrowed Life” (in our box office movie was called) – he had to portray the ardent lover, and the second – a playwright, a loving husband and father of a large family. After these two failures Pacino decided to repeat the success of Michael Corleone, starring in the movie by Brian De Palma, “Scarface” – a modern remake of the gangster film of the 30s. But it always shackled figure role now drawn half a century ago, Paul Muni, which he was forced to follow.

In the mid-80s Pacino generally disappears. Wrote that he quit shooting the film “Carlito’s Way”, although had to get them for 4 million. Dollars. Flatly rejected the very winning role in “born 4th of July”. The Reason? Alas, banal. Drank heavily. In the end, we had to go to the clinic society “Alcoholics Anonymous”, where he was cured not only from drinking, but smoking. Using our own sad experience, Pacino took off back in 1985 with his own money the film “Shame District”, which appeared as he was at the time. But on the screen, he decided to release this bitter confession only in 1989, when he returned to the cinema.

Frontier 90 Pacino said two new acting work. Created a caricature of his usual hero-gangster in “Dick Tracy,” Warren Beatty (1989) and the last time played his Michael Corleone in the third series of “The Godfather” (1990). In the first case he showed evil hunchback with cold eyes, wolf grin smiles and sleek side parting hair: grotesque turned very accurate. In the second – his character as it has done the reverse in comparison with the first series of the way: the aged Don hedgehog with gray hair and wrinkled face excised all the forces committed to respectability.
Pacino increasingly resorted to comic overtones (“Frankie and Johnny”, 1991; “Scent of a Woman”, 1992 – Award “Oscar” for Best Actor of the year).

Pacino’s a lot of work in film and theater, published a DVD with his director’s work. His unique career was marked by the American Cinematheque Award for his achievements in his career, in 2007, a similar prize was awarded to him the American Film Institute.

In matters of his personal life Pacino always been secretive. He managed to beat alcoholism, and in the mid-90s, he also refused to smoking. Al has never been married, but he had a lot of novels. The star has illegitimate daughter Julie Marie, who was born on October 16, 1989. A January 25, 2001 he and actress Beverly D’Angelo became the parents of twins, Anton James and Olivia Rose. Now Al Pacino tries to make his schedule so that as much as possible to spend more time with their children. “The birth of children, – he says – it’s the best thing that happened to me in my life.”
“Oscar” (1992):
Best Actor (“Scent of a Woman”)

Nominated for “Oscar”:
1992 – Best Supporting Actor (“Americans”)
1990 – Best Supporting Actor (“Dick Tracy”)
1979 – Best Actor (“… And Justice for All”)
1975 – Best Actor (“Dog Day Afternoon”)
1974 – Best Actor (“The Godfather, Part II”)
1973 – Best Actor (“Serpico”)
1972 – Best Supporting Actor (“The Godfather”)

The “Golden Globes”:
1973 – Best Actor, drama (“Serpico”)
1992 – Best Actor, drama (“Scent of a Woman”)
2003 – Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“Angels in America”)
2010 – Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“You Do not Know Jack”)

Nomination for the “Golden Globes”:
1972 – Best Actor, drama (“The Godfather”)
1974 – Best Actor, drama (“The Godfather: Part II”)
1975 – Best Actor, drama (“Dog Day Afternoon”)
1977 – Best Actor, drama (“Borrowed Life”)
1979 – Best Actor, drama (“… And Justice for All”)
1982 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“Author! Author!)
1983 – Best Actor, drama (“Scarface”)
1989 – Best Actor, drama (“Sea of Love”)
1990 – Best Actor, Drama (“Godfather III”)
1990 – Best Supporting Actor (“Dick Tracy”)
1992 – Best Supporting Actor (“Americans”)
2013 – Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“Phil Spector”)

Prize “BAFTA” (1975):
Best Actor (“The Godfather, Part II” and “Dog Day Afternoon”)

Nominated for the “BAFTA”:
1972 – Budding (“The Godfather”)
1974 – Best Actor (“Serpico”)
1990 – Best Actor (“Dick Tracy”)

Screen Actors Guild Award (2003):
2003 – Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“Angels in America”)
2010 – Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“You Do not Know Jack”)

Nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award (2013):
Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“Phil Spector”)

Award “Emmy”:
2003 – Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“Angels in America”)
2009 – Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“You Do not Know Jack”)

Nominated for the “Emmy”:
2012 – Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“Phil Spector”)

Nominated for the “Saturn”:
1990 – Best Supporting Actor (“Dick Tracy”)
1997 – Best Actor (“Devil’s Advocate”)

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