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Advent Rising game from the beginning was all in good standing. Big-budget, curious and sometimes even the original concept, the script, written by a famous science fiction Orson Scott Card, hints of impending adaptation – all this gives us hope that we are waiting for a definite hit. Weak link seemed only software company GlyphX Games, which had previously hunted creating commercials for the series Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, BloodRayne, Diablo II, and several other games. Doubt, unfortunately, true – it is something just and summed.

Space opera

The work of an experienced writer felt from the first frame. Uncertain future, people just got out of the infant cradle and begin the conquest of space. Parked in Earth orbit alien craft that notify that the planet is about to be attacked by a race Searchers (Seekers). Once they have tried to destroy the people and now are determined to see it through. Searchers can wait no longer and appear even before they had an appointment. A short but fierce battle in space first, and then on the surface of the earth ends in disaster – a planet explode, the whole of human civilization dies. The protagonist of Gideon Wyeth, his brother Ethan and the occasional fellow traveler Marin Steele, who had to leave the “hot spot” shortly before the explosion, horror understand – except they are not one survived.

Drag a wounded brother to escape pod. Great idea, which, unfortunately, is implemented very average.

Taking a good pace at the beginning of the game, the plot Advent Rising is not it lowers in the future. Ship friendly aliens (and they tried to warn about the attack) picks up homeless orphans, but is attacked by the searcher. The main characters, together with their saviors take the enemy to board a vessel, but soon have to run with it – after a powerful explosion starship begins to fall on the surface of the nearest planet, sprawling right before our eyes. Key characters are dying one after the other – in the second half there will be almost none of those with whom we met at the beginning. Step quite atypical for most games (and movies), – usually donate a certain NPC (and those are often raised), but in the end the story still ends with a happy ending. However, the “atypical” in this case does not mean “bad”. Just frustrating that the events in Advent Rising developing so rapidly that many important things just do not have the time: for example, the experiences of the characters because of the death of the Earth took no more than half a minute.

But no matter how good the story, it is not enough to pull the whole game – you also need to stand at the level of gameplay. But this is just the problem. GlyphX Games has tried to make the gameplay as quickly as possible and saturated. This is achieved by a very simple way – enemies of the rod continuously and in industrial quantities. Play on your controller, Microsoft Xbox (where the game was released in May) is more complex than the keyboard and mouse, so aiming is done automatically. You can choose the target, but it is almost always no time – in fact the enemies usually materialize out of thin air whole batches.

Most ridiculous boss in the entire game. Moves at the speed of a disabled grandmother, dangerous – like a pot of geraniums.

If you disable the ability to switch between targets, will have to live with the fact that the main character sometimes choose the wrong enemy to be killed first. Avtopritselivanie, of course, does not complicate the gameplay – with him are just not interested. Toward the middle, when Gideon gets superpowers, the last hints of balance disappear completely: only one reception “shock wave” is enough to sweep away any road with his opponents in any quantity.

Bosses behave as recent losers. The first member of this tribe, for example, walking slowly for the main character, attacking only when approached him very close. Fill villain lighter than normal enemies (but will have to spend more time). The second boss (equipped with a tail dzhetpakom ninja cats and habits) stupidly shoots Gideon as long as it does not throw off the platform, and does not even try to run up close (melee overcome this lady is practically impossible). Such is the sad case …

In general, everything is easy. You’ll laugh, but Advent Rising does not cause problems even “platformers” conservation system when progress can be written only in certain places. The reason is simple – checkpoints are located at almost every step.

The only difficulty in the entire game – pokatushki jeep. Looks and managed it almost as much as the Warthog from Halo, but physics is limping on all four wheels. It feels as if you’re going not on the ground, and the wet glass.

All invented to us?

Falling through the atmosphere on the ship collapsing Searchers – another example of good ideas that could furnish effective.

Parallels with Halo in general can be done very, very much. Gideon carries with him on two weapons, and can immediately shoot from both – with two hands. This in itself is very comfortable, but for some reason glavgeroy hides trunks in a couple of seconds after a player removes his finger from the firing button, and then to get them again, it takes time (even though it is calculated in milliseconds). Each third vrazhiny spilling grenades – that they are only used here less than Halo (and largely because the function “hung” in the mouse and the keyboard). “Life” under enemy fire dries almost instantly and just as quickly reversed if a little breath in some secluded place. Doors, which can be accessed, marked in green in which it is impossible – red. Like music, like colors, like enemies (they also look like a hefty lizards), similar to the design of ships and the overall style. Comes to the ridiculous: one of the levels found a building that looked exactly the same as in Halo. And in exactly the same environment: mountains, green hills, small rivers and waterfalls.

Music composed by Tommy Tallarico studio (the authors of the soundtrack for an entire Prorva projects of their latest works can recall, for example, The Bard’s Tale), not bad, but only in the context of the game, listen to it alone will not (unless the title theme). Graphics “behind in its development” by their peers for a couple of years: the interiors are poor at the details, the characters look like plastic dolls and are not trained to cast shadows.

Movies – that’s what really look into my eyes, trying not to miss a single detail (still – employees GlyphX Games eaten on this lot Bobikov). The epic staging, good direction – picture a little spoiled only models that are inserted in the video directly from the game (just in final form).

Weapons in the game faceless and elusive, but you can find it on every corner.

plenty of plans
Orson Scott Card

Good story in Advent Rising – credit writer Orson Scott Card (official site –, familiar to fans of science fiction by the book “Ender’s Game”, “Ksenotsid”, “Shadow of the Hegemon. Shadow theater “,” Speaker for the Dead “and many others. Best of all it has obtained “military space” novels – Orson even got them for several prestigious literary awards.

In game development famous writer is involved is not the first time: in the past Orson had a hand in the creation of the cult adventure Secret of Monkey Island and The Dig, and has not yet appeared for sale MMORPG Alvin’s World (online role-playing game about an alternative history of America the beginning of the XIX century !). Advent Rising was supposed to be his largest project: the game was originally conceived as a trilogy, and with numerous spin-offami. One of them – Advent Shadow, shooter with Maryn Steele in the title role – will be released on the Sony PlayStation Portable in January (gameplay it will be something like “diet” Advent Rising).

Why “should”? Yes, because the game with a bang and clatter failed. Majesco pinned on Advent Rising very high expectations, but sales were so scanty that the company is now heavily in debt (its contribution to the current “welfare” of the company have also Psychonauts, which is also not paid off). Because of this, even had to cancel a bid on the game with a grand prize of one million dollars. Planned in advance sequels Advent Rising is now under question. Another big question mark hanging over the adaptation.

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